About Palestine

About Palestine : This fully comprehensive of major sites in Palestine  and the Holy Lands , with description of religious back ground of each site

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One of the most unique sites on Earth is the . This one-kilometer square in the middle of Jerusalem is beyond description and cannot be ignored; it is the core of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions. The Western Wall is located in the Old City (aka Wailing Wall and in Hebrew Kotel). This is...
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The most holy place in the entire world for Jews is the Western Wall, commonly referred to as the “Wailing Wall” or the “Kotel.” It is the final piece of the ancient Jewish temple’s exterior wall still standing, and it is a crucial location in Israeli history. It is found in Jerusalem’s Old City. The most...
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Jerusalem Alquds has always been the crossways between different races and worlds. centered in only around 100 feet are Al-Aqsa Mosque, Holy Sepulcher, and Wailing Wall the important sacred sites of the three principal monotheistic religions. jerusalem grill   jerusalem map jerusalem map   the old city of jerusalem restaurants in jerusalem new jerusalem map...
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