Read our travel guide on Nazareth . Includes best things to do and see, tips on where to stay, how to get, or when to go.
A Guide to Nazareth

Nazareth, one of the most significant Christian sites in Israel, is situated in the Lower Galilee.

You have to admit that it is rather distinct from other American cities. Then why is Nazareth so well-known? Jesus’ birthplace in the Bible is Nazareth, where he was raised and lived a large portion of his life.

Due to the fact that more than two thirds of the inhabitants are Muslims, Nazareth is now the largest Arab city in Israel. Nazareth offers a distinctive experience from other mostly Jewish towns and cities in Israel since the remaining third is Christian.

It’s difficult to believe that more than 2000 years ago, when Jesus is said to have lived there, this bustling metropolis of 80,000 people was only a little town.

Nazareth’s appearance has suddenly changed, and the once-forgotten city has, at least in the eyes of tourists, come back to life.

The Pope’s visit and the municipality’s emphasis on tourism helped the city’s reputation turn around.

You could already see the streets adorned with Christmas decorations. While it might sound corny, it really contributed to the festive mood.

So, before you visit, here is all you need to know about Nazareth.

Best Things to Do in Nazareth

Nazareth got significant financial assistance to upgrade the town’s infrastructure and other aspects.

However, you shouldn’t expect to discover the same experiences and locations here as you would in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, so be careful to have realistic expectations going in.

The goal was to turn Nazareth from a day-tripper destination into a legitimate tourist destination where visitors could stay the night and see more than just the church, a few other churches, and the well on their route to other Galilean sights.

Nevertheless, Nazareth offers a wide range of excellent activities.


Old City

The Old City of Nazareth turned out to be the ideal setting for a few days of slower paced living. While Nazareth is expanding quickly, when I was living on the Old City’s hill, it seemed as though time had paused for a few centuries.

The neighborhood would close down at night, leaving only the occasional stray cat to scare you on an evening stroll. This was a world of thick limestone walls and tiny lanes where automobiles often couldn’t fit. I was enchanted by the Old City’s history and its plenty of things to do.

Nazareth, sometimes known as the “Arab Capital,” is the main city in Israel’s northern sector and the largest Arab metropolis in the country. With the Sea of Galilee to the east, the West Bank to the south, and Haifa to the west, Nazareth is perfectly situated in the middle of the northern district.

There are activities available for everyone when visiting Nazareth! The city is a remarkable place to visit in Israel, which is predominately Jewish, as it is almost two-thirds Muslim and approximately one-third Christian. Non-religious attractions include the Shuk, Elbabour, where you may purchase fragrant spices, take photographs of the Ottoman-styled buildings, and meet the friendly locals.

Where to Stay 

The town of Nazareth is rather tiny. As a result, there are only so many hotels and other places to stay. The least expensive choice is a youth hostel where you share a room. Fortunately, these locations also provide a number of inexpensive single or double accommodations.

I stayed at the Fauzi Azar Inn myself. a lovely, traditional home that has been transformed into a place to stay for pilgrims and other travelers. I thought this was one of the nicest accommodations I stayed in in Israel, with lots of entertaining activities (Arabic cookery workshops, fundamental Arabic language sessions, etc.) and a lovely outlook over the city.
If this lovely hostel is full, there are still a number of other affordable possibilities. Prices per night start at about $25.


You can go about Nazareth without using public transit since it is so small. Would you want to venture a bit farther from Nazareth? Public transportation may therefore be useful. The cost for a brief trip is about $3 per passenger.
Although they are more costly, there are taxis available.

  Saving money

In Nazareth, the tap water never gets extremely cold. Your body loses a lot of fluids due to the constant heat, which you must replenish. Purchase a reusable bottle and fill it with tap water to avoid spending $3 per bottle of water. Israel’s tap water is totally safe to drink.

Local food – Since there are many pilgrims and visitors in Nazareth, there are a number of restaurants and establishments serving Western cuisine. Although it’s always interesting to try something new, this meal is frequently more expensive than some of the great local delicacies. Right?


the Basilica of the Annunciation – One of the most well-known Bible scenes took place right here. Mary was told just here that she would soon give birth to baby Jesus by the angel Gabriel.

It is worthwhile to visit this enormous and magnificent basilica. Keep in mind that you must cover your shoulders and knees before visiting this monument.

St. Joseph Church – The Basilica of the Annunciation is directly adjacent to the Saint Joseph Church in Nazareth. This church was constructed atop what was likely Joseph’s (the father of Jesus Christ) workplace.

You may visit various historical places underneath the church.

St. Gabriel’s Church – Religious ambiguity is common in Israel. Frequently, there are multiple locations where a biblical scene may have taken place. One of these is the Church of St. Gabriel. Another theory holds that here is where Gabriel made his declaration to Maria.

Adolescent Jesus Salesian Church – It would take days or perhaps weeks to visit every church in Nazareth. If you do need to choose, I wholeheartedly endorse this church. The lovely chapel is only reachable after climbing 250 flights of stairs! But your hard work will be rewarded. You get a breathtaking perspective of Nazareth from above. Of course, the church itself is also incredibly lovely.

The shuk, or bazaar, is located just in front of the Basilica of the Annunciation. Although this covered market now caters primarily to tourists, it is still enjoyable to visit. You’ll fall in love with it right away because to the numerous trinkets, spices, and delicious street cuisine that the jovial vendors are selling.

International center of Mary of Nazareth – The International Center of Mary of Nazareth is located next to the Basilica. You can see how significant Mary was for Jesus and Christianity here. Along with the stunning multimedia displays, there is a lovely church and an unrivaled view of the city from the roofs.

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