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best boutique hotels in tel aviv

Every year, it is harder to pick the top boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. Over 50 boutique hotels have now sprouted in Tel Aviv. The White City and Neve Tzedek neighborhoods of Tel Aviv are home to several of the city’s finest Bauhaus structures. The top boutique hotel in Tel Aviv range in size, price, and location, but they all share one thing in common: they define hospitality in their own unique way and provide a counterculture experience. If you choose to remain in one, it’s likely that you won’t ever want to switch back!


Near the Levinsky market, there is a 27-room hotel called Hotel Dave Gordon, “Son of a Brown.” It is a brand-new, reasonably priced hotel with cutting-edge design, and it is in one of Tel Aviv’s nicest districts, just next to Nachalat Binyamin Street and midway between Rothschild Boulevard and Levinsky Market.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Nahalat Binyamin Street 85.


One of Tel Aviv’s top boutique hotels is The Vera. The Vera Hotel, which is just a few steps from the renowned Rothschild Boulevard, is an example of creative partnership that brings together regional designers. Along with staying in a chic hotel, visitors are also expected to engage with local businesses like bars, restaurants, and stores. Additionally, a vending machine in the lobby sells beverages and cocktails that are created in the area. The Vera boutique hotel blends industrial and modern design while preserving the character of the original 1950s structure.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 27 Lilienblum St.


The Drisco, Tel Aviv’s newest boutique hotel, debuted in June 2018 in the American Colony section of the city, a short distance from Yafo. The structure itself was previously a hotel during the Ottoman Period and dates back to 1866. Even though it has been renovated, it nevertheless exudes charm thanks to a variety of decorative touches that pay respect to Ottoman heritage.

The hotel was constructed from limestone and features genuine stone arches throughout. In order to give visitors a luxurious and individualized boutique hotel experience in Tel Aviv, The Drisco offers 42 rooms that combine Turkish and European elements.The Drisco is an excellent choice for visitors who want to experience a bit of everything because it is close to a variety of eateries, stores, cafes, and the beach.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6 Auerbach St.



In the heart of Tel Aviv, close to Nachalat Binyamin, Carmel Market, and Shenkin Street, stands the Shenkin Hotel. For those seeking a boutique hotel experience on a tight budget, this hotel is ideal.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Brenner Street 21,


The Brown Hotel, owned by Deborah Brown, will welcome visitors in the spring of 2021. The opulent 90-room hotel is located on Ben Yehuda Street only a few feet from Tel Aviv’s Gordon Beach, the place to be seen and be seen. The hotel will have a high-end kosher grill restaurant, rooftop pool and terrace, spa, and fitness center.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, 87 Ben Yehuda St.



The Theodor, Brown’s distinctive boutique hotel with a Bauhaus style, was created with the contemporary visitor in mind. The 34-room boutique hotel, a member of the Brown Hotel group, is situated on the intersection of Herzl Street and Rothschild Boulevard, one of Tel Aviv’s busiest and most convenient streets. In the hotel’s own garden, unwind with a nice book before taking a shower on the outdoor patio. You may have the getaway you want in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv thanks to the hotel’s sophisticated ambiance and modern bar & spa.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Herzl St.




The Hotel Montefiore is arguably Tel Aviv’s most renowned boutique hotel. This chic home, located in the center of the White City at a short distance from Rothschild Boulevard, exudes luxury throughout. The Rolling Stones chose to avoid the spotlight and spend an evening in the Hotel Montefiore’s restaurant when they visited Tel Aviv. In reality, the Hotel Montefiore’s proprietors are among the most well-known restaurateurs in the area; they also operate four other eateries that have grown to become landmarks in the community. Some of the most important characteristics that set Montefiore apart from its rivals are the high level of service and quality offered.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 36 Montefiore St.




The Norman, Tel Aviv’s first ultra-luxury boutique hotel, debuted in 2014. This new hotel did not dissapoint with its wonderfully restored 1920s structures and the elegance of a bygone age. The Norman is a boutique hotel with two restaurants, one of which, Dinings Restaurant, is the Israeli sister of one of the most well-known restaurants in London. It was the first hotel in the area to provide a swimming pool, this time a rooftop pool. The Norman is a hotel that has it all, beautifully furnished and classically stylish.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 23 Nachmani St.



The Market House Hotel is the first boutique hotel to operate in the Jaffa port and is just a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful hotel is housed in a historic structure that has undergone careful renovation. The newest hotel in the Atlas chain will provide its regular evening “happy hour,” which includes complimentary beverages and snacks for all visitors. The Market House is a great option for anybody seeking for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv that is situated in a location that is significantly different from all other boutique hotels.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Beit Eshel St.



While a significant number of boutique hotels opened in Tel Aviv’s White City neighborhood recently, the seaside neighborhood hardly experienced any shift from the larger chain hotels that predominate the scene. That is, until the Brown Beach House, the sister property of the Brown TLV Hotel, entered the market and injected some life into the possibilities in this region with its somewhat audacious design.

One of the city’s most intriguing bars is located inside the hotel’s distinctive new structure, which has a sizable internal atrium.Brown Beach House, which has a fantastic spa, has quickly emerged as the go-to hotel for Tel Aviv’s beach area and is poised to inspire change in one of the city’s most underappreciated areas.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, HaYarkon St. 64



The Poli House hotel is a charming, futuristic establishment that stands out from the crowd with its unique appearance. The hotel, which was the brainchild of architect Karim Rashid, has a lovely rooftop pool with panoramic views of Tel Aviv. Each room has a walk-in bathroom, free WiFi, and a free minibar filled with delectable snacks. Bright colors and black and white furnishings are used in the contemporary spaces to offer elegance. After seeing the city, reward yourself with a luxurious massage before entering the heated rooftop supper if you still have time.

Tel Aviv-Yafo Street 1 Nahalat Binyamin


This charming boutique hotel is located in a Bauhaus-era mansion that has been elegantly restored. The elegant Italian style of the rooms is evident in their white and oak furnishings. Since there are just 18 rooms on the resort, visitors can expect personalized attention. The building’s spine, a charming spiral staircase, leads visitors up through the two floors of the establishment. Additionally, there is a charming porch where breakfast is served every morning, and visitors staying on the ground level will have access to a personal terrace. The prominent neighborhoods along Dizengoff Center and Rothschild Boulevard are only a short stroll from The White Villa, which is hidden away from the city’s bustle.

Ben Zion Boulevard 25, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Visit the CUCU Hotel to experience a more recent entry into Tel Aviv’s design hotel scene. Guests staying here may anticipate enjoying the finest of the vibrant nightlife of the city because it is situated right on Dizengoff Street. You will have time to enjoy one of the hotel’s spa treatments, which offer fantastic alternatives for couples, given that prominent eateries, bars, and retail establishments are practically at your doorstep. Israeli modern design is the focus of this hotel, and the rooms showcase it with striking furnishings and spacious interiors. After a long day of touring, a relaxing place to unwind will be greatly appreciated at this hotel, which is committed to offering just that.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 83 Dizengoff St


The Nordoy Hotel was built in 1925 and is located in Nachlat Binyamin, which also houses the well-known regional arts and crafts market of the same name. The Nordoy is a destination hotel and a popular tourist destination in and of itself being Tel Aviv’s oldest operating hotel. Guests at the Nordoy can enjoy idyllic views of the area while relaxing in the stylish Rooftop Lounge while listening to a specially curated playlist of calming music, making the most of this historic neighborhood.

In addition, the hotel is currently constructing a Jacuzzi for further relaxation. There is also a spa. Every accommodation, from the chic Deluxe Room to the incredibly spectacular Penthouse Suite, has a distinctive décor and opulent Dead Sea amenities. With such a strong reputation, staying at the Nordoy will be a memorable experience in and of itself.

Tel Aviv, Nahalat Benyamin 27,


With a hint of Italian elegance and charm, The A23 Boutique Hotel is a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. The Hilton beach and other nearby eateries and stores are all within walking distance of the A23 Boutique Hotel, which is situated on Arlozorov in the city’s Old North neighborhood. Luxury rooms, a restaurant, and a hotel bar are all features of the A23 Boutique Hotel, which offers visitors an intimate experience set against the metropolitan surroundings.

The hotel bar is ideal for evening drinks. Additionally, the A23 Boutique Hotel provides free bicycles for its visitors, making it simple for them to ride to the beach or see everything that Tel Aviv has to offer. A23 Boutique, one of Tel Aviv’s top boutique hotels in 2019, also boasts a private garden and an opulent spa.

Arlozorov St 23, Tel Aviv-Yafo


A stylish hotel with unique designs and a buzzing neighborhood is The Margosa Hotel. Close to the flea market where visitors may buy a variety of locally manufactured goods, this charming boutique hotel is tucked away in the well-known Jaffa neighborhood. The Margosa offers spacious rooms with luxurious showers and bathtubs. Popular Tel Aviv neighborhood Jaffa has a lot of historical landmarks, unique businesses, and a lovely harbor. The Margosa is conveniently located near the city’s top attractions, so visitors won’t have to travel far when staying there.

Number One Avraham Even Shoshan, Tel Aviv-Yafo


The Rothschild Hotel is Tel Aviv’s first upscale boutique hotel and is situated on the city’s poshest boulevard. The majority of the hotel’s furnishings was made locally by skilled artisans, making it even more ecologically friendly while combining elegance and quality. There is no better place to stay than in this historic building on Rothschild. The accommodations are opulent and unique.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 96 Rothschild Boulevard

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