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Jerusalem, is a sizable metropolis today. It is frantic, unique, and exciting. The Old City of Jerusalem, which has been walled off for 500 years, is at the center of it. Jerusalem becomes a holy location as it enters the Old City’s walls, where it is normally a regular location. The holiest locations for the three major world faiths are located within the Old City, which is roughly one kilometer square in size.

In the first fourteen years of the Prophet Muhammad’s message, the Muslims faced Jerusalem first when they prayed. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, paid a visit to Jerusalem on his nighttime trip and ascent to the heavens, known as al-Isr’ wal-Mirj. This is another reason why Jerusalem is holy.

From Mecca to Jerusalem and then to the heaven in a single night, the angel Gabriel carried the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The Prophet Muhammad encountered several other Prophets, including Abraham, Jesus, and Moses, peace be upon them all, on this remarkable voyage. This incident is commemorated throughout the complete Qur’anic chapter known as the Ascension (al-Isr). Glory to Him who took His Servant by night from the Haram mosque.

The Temple Mount is revered by all three of these religions—Christianity, Islam, and Judaism—despite the fact that each has its own sacred place. The Binding of Isaac, one of the earliest events in the Bible, took place here, the location of the so-called “foundation stone.”


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of the holiest sites in the Christian religion, is located in Jerusalem. This church is constructed around the remains of the tomb where it is believed that Jesus was interred and afterwards raised from the dead, as well as the Cavalry, or Golgotha, the location of the crucifixion.

The largest of the Old City’s four quarters, the Christian Quarter, is where this unique church is located. The Via Dolorosa, which Jesus used to get to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, is marked in the Old City. Beautiful monasteries, churches, and seminaries may be seen throughout both the Christian Quarter and the Armenian Quarter.

Jerusalem is revered by all three of the great monotheistic global religions—Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Each of these religions has sacred locations that are important to their beliefs within the volatile city. What are the holy sites in Jerusalem for Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and where are they? Which ones are accessible to tourists visiting Israel? What does this signify for Jerusalem in the present day? Find out by reading on.


The Dome of the Rock, also known as the al-Aqsa Mosque, is one of Islam’s holiest sites, and it is located on the Temple Mount, also known as al-Haram al-Sharif. The beginning point of the Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey is described in Muslim scripture, which adds to the significance of the Foundation Stone. The world’s oldest surviving example of Islamic architecture is the famous mosque. More Muslims from nearby nations are now permitted to travel to the third-holiest location in Islam, after Mecca and Medina, in Saudi Arabia, thanks to new peace deals in the Middle East. 

Numerous mosques may be found tucked away in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City after leaving the Dome of the Rock. The largest and majority-residential of the four quarters is this one. Jerusalem is Israel’s most religiously diverse city, with a population that is around 38% Muslim. East Jerusalem, which is connected to the Old City via the Damascus Gate, is where the majority of Muslims in Jerusalem reside.

The Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount are key sites to comprehend while visiting Israel since they are at the center of the division that exists inside Jerusalem. Every Wednesday, tours of the Temple Mount complex are available.


Jerusalem is frequently referred to in the Hebrew Bible as the earliest of these three religions. The Western Wall is the Jewish community’s most well-known sacred place in Jerusalem’s Old City. Numerous pilgrims visit this final piece of the Second Temple from the Hebrew Bible every day.

The Western Wall Tunnels are located close to the Western Wall Plaza. You’ll experience an amazing tour down beneath the present-day Old City here. While learning about the Jewish history of Jerusalem, you’ll get to view more original stone that dates back thousands of years. The ancient City of David, or Ir David, is only a short distance from the old city. Remains from the first village mentioned in the Bible are being uncovered at this archaeological site.


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