Ramadan is a sacred month of prayer, fasting, and celebration for Muslims worldwide. It is the ninth month in Islamic Calendar.

ramadan decoration

Ramadan used to be solely focused on the sacrificial parts, prayer nights, and special occasions for breaking the fast with friends and family. Although the fundamentals have not changed, ideas have been evolving together with the times. There is no shortage of Ramadan house decoration ideas throughout the holy month and the specific Eid celebration due to the growth of Ramadan and Eid in the era of social media and growing commercialization and make eid decorations .

Quick Ramadan decoration ideas

1. Traditional fanoos lantern decoration

For Ramadan, Muslims all across the world adorn their houses and burn candles. The classic fanous or fanoos lantern is used to illuminate streets, shopping centers, hotels, workplaces, and homes during Ramadan. The fanoos spreads joy and has become an international symbol of the holy month. One may also utilize decorative lights like wall lamps, ceiling lamps, LED decorative lights, string lights, floor lamps, and outdoor lighting as part of the Ramadan decorating ideas for offices.

2. Scented candles’ for easy Ramadan decoration

Candles not only provide a nice light, but they may also lift someone’s spirits. Scented candles are a great way to make the room seem more welcoming and spiritual throughout Ramadan, whether it’s with the deep perfume of fresh lavender or the sweet, flowery notes of roses and peonies. One can light a few of them in their house or place of business and let the calming scent uplift their mood.

3. Balloons for quick Ramadan 

One might choose balloon decorations for their residential or working area during Ramadan. Building balloon-based arrangements and themed forms for backdrops, ceilings, walls, columns, centerpieces, and entrances are examples of balloon decorations. The most basic pattern is to haphazardly arrange balloons of different shapes and colors on a wall.

4. Handcrafted rugs & carpets

The perfect time to redecorate and decorate the home to create a festive atmosphere is during Ramadan. One may use carpets and rugs to give their house a vintage feel throughout Ramadan. You may choose from a variety of patterns, such as hand-tufted carpets, shaggy rugs, and oriental rugs. Also, one should inspect the rest of the house and replace or fix any damaged furnishings.

How to decorate homes and offices during Ramadan?

The traditional Ramadan decorations include festive wreaths, ramadan hanging decoration, preparing the table, and adding a carpet for an Arabian feel. Muslims can buy traditional or modern decorations for Ramadan from neighboring shops or internet marketplaces or items shipped by amazon. The majority of decorations may be bought for reasonable prices while yet preserving the holiday season’s attractiveness. The decorations aid in boosting one’s spirits and preserving a friendly atmosphere over the extended Ramadan fasting days. Here are some creative Ramadan decoration ideas to help you get your house or business ready for the month-long festival while standing out from other decorations.


Ramadan wreath at the entrance

Muslim homes are adorned with a gorgeous wreath during the holy month of Ramadan. Wreaths during Ramadan can be manufactured at home or bought from shops or internet marketplaces. To create a sense of elegance, a Ramadan Mubarak wood sign can be positioned in between the wreaths. Family members who are coming over for iftar will feel better after seeing the entryway.

 Iftar table decoration

During Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which requires them to fast from sunrise until sunset, comes to an end. On the day of prayer and charity, friends and family get together to exchange presents and enjoy traditional fare. The iftar and Eid tables, however, serve more than simply food. It is possible to select suitable tablecloths, gleaming cutlery, and fragrant candles with earthy tones. Dates, dried fruits, and nuts should be kept in separate silver containers for added appeal.

Street decorations ideas

Ramadan is celebrated as a significant month in the Islamic calendar and has its origins in Jordan. Experts in Jordan argue that despite the new trend’s influence on consumption in society, people shouldn’t overlook the month’s spiritual significance. Yet, the nation observes nationwide festivals and decorations to keep the holiday mood alive. Little handcrafted fanoos of all sizes, live food preparation for iftar, and traditional Arabian lights in historic souks and homes all beautify the streets for Ramadan.

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