About Bethany Al-Eizariya: Where History Meets Modern Life

Bethany Al-Eizariya, located on the scenic slopes of the Mount of Olives, is a city steeped in biblical history and vibrant culture. Known for the Tomb of Lazarus and its connection to Mary and Martha, this city offers a unique blend of ancient heritage and contemporary living. Visitors can explore its historic sites, experience local traditions, and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of this timeless city.

easter story in bethany
easter story in bethany The resurrection of Lazarus of Bethany in the Bible occurs in John 11:1-45. Jesus had previously visited the siblings, Lazarus, Mary, and Martha of Bethany, as His good friends. When Lazarus of Bethany fell gravely ill, Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus. He did not rush; instead, He waited...
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