The Royal Yacht Club Of Jordan

The Royal Yacht Club of Jordan is a private membership driven society that promotes and conducts water activities for all boats and ages. This bar may be found in Jordan’s Aqaba on the upper breakwater. There are numerous great races and events every month that cater to all age groups and sailing pursuits. Luncheons and meals with friends enhance the social aspect of sailing. Each member of royal yacht club aqaba العقبة contributes a unique chapter to the club’s illustrious history via sharing and involvement in sailing and racing.

The Royal Yacht Club of Jordan (R Y C J) is situated 0.62 nautical miles from the harbor in the area of Aqaba, at the northeastern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s southern region is home to Aqaba. the royal yacht club of jordan (RYCJ ) is a tiny, none governmental, non- profit earning, non-political yacht club whose members’ major interest is actively using their boats, whether for cruising or water sports.

The percentage of club members who participate in Jet Ski boat skill racing events can occasionally exceed fifteen (15) percent of the club’s total boating activities. Members and their families regularly use their boats throughout the year and have extensive navigation, anchoring, and rafting-up experience.
They have organized training seminars on these topics as well as events and activities utilizing both power and a small number of sailing boats. They are supporters of safe boating and medical emergency preparedness.

The majority of the members are regional, but some go from as far as Europe and others from the Middle East to participate in Club events and to enjoy the fellowship.


One of the most important features of this club is the presence of many restaurants that serve different dishes from around the world and with different flavors. Entry to the club is free, but an amount of money must be paid at the gate, deducted from the restaurant bill. The place is very beautiful and there are more than one restaurant with wonderful flavors

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