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Are you hoping to witness Jordan’s Aqaba’s unmatched beauty? Everyone will find things to do in Aqaba to enjoy, from ancient ruins to Red Sea snorkeling!

Aqaba has a lot to offer its guests, whether they are adrenaline junkies or just wanting to unwind and appreciate nature. Continue reading for information on anything from water sports and beach activities to historical landmarks and cultural locations. Prepare yourself for adventure as you all discover what stunning Aqaba has to offer!


The City of Aqaba creates a golden triangle for visitors in the Kingdom of Jordan together with Wadi Rum and Petra. Tourists like the Red Sea’s world-class diving and snorkeling because of the relatively inexpensive cost. In addition, Aqaba has a very extensive past. Since the first colony there, which goes back to 4,000 BC, people have lived there.

Aqaba is now the sole port in Jordan, making it an essential element of the Kingdom.

Aqaba was transformed into a low-tax, duty-free city in order to draw more investment and tourism, which surprised Western tourists.

About Saraya Aqaba Waterpark:

The Saraya Aqaba Waterpark, the first of its type in Aqaba and the biggest in the Kingdom, is situated in the center of Aqaba, the only seaside city in Jordan. It has over 25 rides, slides, and experiences in addition to family-friendly restaurants. The top-notch waterpark offers family-friendly activities unlike any other.

The Saraya Aqaba Waterpark offers exclusive visitor experiences that are sure to be the pinnacle of aquatic adventures. The Jordanian-themed park, which covers an area of more than 28,500 square meters, offers thrilling rides and attractions that are named after some of the most famous sites in the country, like Jerash, Wadi Rum, and many more.

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Diving in the Red Sea 

Do you intend to go scuba diving in the Red Sea during your upcoming vacation?

If you’re interested in diving, Aqaba is unlike any other place. Picture yourself swimming in warm seas off a beach locale while being surrounded by fish and coral of vibrant colors. The shipwreck, the submerged tank, and the Japanese gardens are just a few of the well-known diving locations. The wealth of marine life may be explored while submerged in weightlessness when you and your family or friends don your diving gear.

One of the outstanding benefits of Aqaba is the clean seas, which are a result of the lack of stormy weather and the gentle water currents.

Corals may thrive in warm seas that are favorable to their growth, and a variety of marine species can flourish in waters with a good salinity balance.

Whatever brought you to Jordan, we are sure that diving in the Red Sea will be among your most treasured memories. Also, if you have a dive camera, you will benefit from having some incredible pictures to share with your friends back home.

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Water sports

Be enthusiastic! Let your hair unstilled! Fly and have fun things to do in Aqaba Adventure Divers Water Sports and Fun Activities!

The rough trip on a banana or a four-seat sofa being dragged by a speedboat will be loved by thrill enthusiasts! Twirling and spinning quickly on an inflatable twister couch! This is a test for you and your buddies right now! Do boys use jet skis as toys? Jet skis are undoubtedly toys for boys, even in Aqaba! Parasailing will allow you to see Aqaba from a fantastic vantage point in the air! Please inform your captain about your desired altitude! Impress your relatives and friends by putting your waterskiing abilities to the test while producing waves! The real fun is there!

Banana Boat ride

Try to avoid falling in as you enjoy an exciting, rough journey around the bay. A hot summer day is perfect for banana boat trips. You may hire a banana boat and experience the thrilling speed while having the wind in your hair and the warm Red Sea waves rushing past beneath you.

A safe and enjoyable water activity for your family, kids, and friends are banana boat excursions.

Double Inner Tube

If you dare, have some fun this summer with your loved ones! Not for the faint of heart, the doughnuts. Each wave on this choppy double ride challenges you to hold on while it attempts to wash you away!

Fly Board

Future is now! With this hydro flight gear, enjoy a fantastic water flying experience that enables you to stand above the water and pull off some great stunts! You can climb out of the water with this unusual contraption and support yourself on almost nothing while you’re in midair.

The most recent extreme activity is flyboarding at Aqaba Watersports. Check out this novel idea for an expedition, and don’t forget to take pictures of this fun activity!

Jet Skiing

Take off around the bay of Aqaba on a jet ski while being at the top of your game. While enjoying the sunlight, a Jet Ski journey is pure excitement. Speed addicts will enjoy this pastime because the dramatic impacts of the wind and waves.


Kayaking is a developing activity that has sparked the interest of Aqaba’s thrill-seekers because to year-round access to reasonably calm waters. You may get in shape in Aqaba in a social and enjoyable way by kayaking.

Paddle leisurely along the Red Sea while admiring the breathtaking scenery. Enjoy a leisurely morning session or an afternoon excursion to take in the spectacular sunset from the water.

If you’ve never tried this activity before, you may go with a trained instructor who will lead the way and make sure you can safely take in the scenery.

Kite Surfing

Enough of the safe distance observing! It’s time to take up the sport of kite surfing, which involves using a board and a kite to navigate across the sea. By using a huge parachute-style kite, kitesurfing uses the wind’s energy to drive a rider over the sea on a miniature surfboard or a kiteboard.

Take a Glass Bottom Boat Ride

When you relax on deck, you can see into the depths! Take in the coral reefs and other fish species from above in a glass-bottom boat to get a completely new viewpoint. Without getting wet, you can experience what the local scuba divers have been raving about. Parrot fish, rainbow fish, stone fish, chicken fish, and occasionally even clown fish can be seen, depending on your luck. Local fish sought for by fisherman like the Denis may also be seen.


Your Name in Sand

The sands of time are beautifully poured into tiny bottles in Aqaba to create desert sceneries. The artisans will be pleased to accommodate you, providing you with a keepsake that is really one-of-a-kind. Watch the terms of colors or wish to see your name, or that of family or friends, inscribed in sand.

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