public transport in aqaba

Wherever you go in Aqaba, you can discover reasonable public transportation alternatives, whether you want to explore the city’s historic sights or just stay local. Aqaba’s public transportation system is very accessible and simple to operate, although occasionally being sluggish. These solutions are fantastic for tourists who want to live like a local throughout their stay.


Do what the locals do and use buses after you’ve reached Aqaba. The buses in Aqaba do not adhere to schedules since the city is not very strict about scheduling. Instead, once a bus is full, it will leave the station; therefore, passengers must be ready to wait. Buses can fill up quickly in larger cities.

The bus rides in Aqaba are pretty short, taking just under 15 minutes to travel between places thanks to the city’s excellent roadways. Expect to pay reasonable local pricing as these bus networks were created for the community. Only about 0.25 JOD will be spent on the trip.


Taxis from Aqaba may be identified by their green exterior and Arabic inscriptions. Taxi fares are quite reasonable, and drivers are frequently delighted to transport tourists for both short and long distances. its available 24*7 and the cost is nearly 2 JOD 


There are no trains operating in Aqaba , there are one train station and its not working for passengers transfer .


The fastest way to go from point A to point B is through internal flight. Aqaba King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba is responsible for all domestic flights. The sole internal route is between Amman and Aqaba, which takes barely thirty minutes, costing around eighty dollars (about 56 JD), and provides stunning views of the desert below.

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