The Jewel of the Red Sea

When fantasy, sun and sea meet the charms and atmosphere of antiquity, the visitor can find himself, at any time of the year, at the 13th century Red Sea resort of Aqaba, which was in ancient times, the main port for shipments from the Red Sea to the Far East, known by the names of Aila, Ailana, Elana, Ailath, Elath, Ayla and Wayla.

The winter temperature in Here (Wonders Travel and Tourism based in Aqaba) rarely goes below 20°C and is often quite a few degrees warmer. In summer the weather is hot, with daytime temperatures often the other side of 35°C, but the sea breezes make it bearable. It also helps to follow the traditional siesta: everything shuts down around 14:00 and reopens after the afternoon nap, around 18:00.

Standing proudly on the northern tip of the Red Sea, The city is your southern doorstep into simplicity, purity and splendor. Walk through its streets and explore the hidden treasures of this truly fascinating city. Adorned with the kindness of its people and the hospitality they offer, it will embrace you with its own brand of magic.

It is a cool base for some sun and beach time. Enjoy the crystal waters of the Red Sea and experience the corals dancing to the warmth of the penetrating sun.

The warm waters of this city provide a perfect habitat for an array of unique and dazzlingly colored fish. Thanks to Aqaba’s clear waters, this rainbow of colors can be experienced without even having to enter the water.

Trade and pilgrimage routes over land and by sea led here from Egypt, Arabia and north.  Nowadays it is both a bustling resort city and a tourist center .The land of eternal sunshine pampers its visitors with a spectacular landscape, a beautiful bay and mild weather that blesses the city all through the year.

The cit has much more to offer than just fantastic year around weather and luxurious resorts; it is chock-full of aquatic attractions which make any vacation exemplary. The city is easily accessible from around the world by air, land and sea.

There are flights from all major airports to Amman the capital of Jordan or direct to King Hussein International Airport in it, visitors arriving from different destinations into Queen Alia International Airport in Amman on Friday evening can then fly to Aqaba on Saturday at 1:15 am and arrive there at 2:10 am , where the flight stops from July till end of August and from January till end of March.

You can also access it from Israel overland across south Wadi Araba Crossing border. The option is also available to travel via ferry or speedboat from Taba and Nuweiba in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to Aqaba .

the gulf of aqaba

Marine Science Station Aqaba Aquarium
The city aquarium
The Marine Science Station (MSS)
Aqaba - Wonders Travel & Tourism
Aqaba -Gulf : History and more
The amazing Gulf
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The port
Aqaba Airport King Hussein International airport
Aqaba Airport

Traveling Around

Taxis has an abundance of metered, air-conditioned taxis. Minibuses-Serve local destination. Rental cars – has a number of car rental agencies.


Arabic is the national language . The second language that is widely spoken is English. you might meet a some of Russian, Romanian and other less wildly spoken languages speakers .

Business Hours

Most government officer are open from Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 am to 17:00. Most shops and money exchange officer are open from 08:00 to 22:00.

Health and hospital

The city has plenty of well-stocked pharmacies, and pharmacists – they All speak a pretty good English. Furthermore, it has three modern, well-equipped hospitals.

Dress code

You will be travelling in a Muslim country, though not a very conservative one. The dress code is casual but swimwear  should only be worn on the beach. 

Currency and Money Exchange

Money can be exchange easily at banks and at money exchange offices. The rate for the Jordanian dinar is fixed at US$ 1.4 to JD 1. The dinar is divided into 1000 fills or 100 piasters.

things to do in aqaba

Diving in the Red Sea
Visit the Aquarium
Take a Snorkeling Cruise
Try The Water Sports
Bird Observatory
Play Golf in Ayla
Sand Your Name
Spices Your Life Up

frequently asked questions about Aqaba

Why is Aqaba famous?

It’s considered a playground for the Middle East’s rich and famous thanks to its opulent resorts, sweeping beaches, lively nightlife scene and marinas where rows of luxury yachts await to whisk guests out into the Red Sea with more than activity to enjoy .

Is Aqaba worth visiting?

Yes it is. It has something for everyone. Starting with diving & snorkeling, over all water sport, all through shopping and bird observing , ending with playing golf.

Is Aqaba in Jordan or Israel?

It’s In Jordan, the most southern spot in it. and parallel to Eilat, there is a border between them, Aqaba is in very close proximity to Eilat, Israel’s most southern beach resort city.

Is Aqaba a free zone?

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone is a major duty-free economic development node for tourism, recreational services, professional services, multi-modal transportation, and value-added industries in the Middle East.

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