Medical Tourism in Jordan

Once you’ve walked through the door, you’re family.

Wonders Travel and Tourism – Tour Medical is one of Jordan’s most popular health tourism agencies with dental and aesthetic clinics that specialize in aesthetic treatment, cosmetic dentistry & dental implants. since 2009.

Why Aqaba   

We are located in the beautiful Gulf of Aqaba – Jordan, which is a short commute to Petra, Wadi Rum and even the Dead Sea. Imagine your self in a huge resort where you’ll get treatment combined with relaxation and adventure, leaving this resort with Hollywood smile.
And unlike in other countries, we post our price list online. It exposes the universal truth that there are variations in fees when it comes to dentistry and cosmetology.

  • Our Oral Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Orthodontist & General Dentists are all highly qualified and experienced. They use the most up to date technology and products of the highest quality and to European standards. We welcome hundreds of patients from abroad every year and because of their own in-house laboratory, expertise, and consistent quality of work, they are getting busier every year.
  • The reputation Tour Medical has built as a leading provider of dental treatment abroad over the last 15 years is superb, based on consistent quality of work and customer satisfaction. Trusted by many 1000s of US, UK, Irish, Dutch, German and patients from all around the world they have received numerous video reviews , hand-written reviews and many other positive testimonials , all of which are available to view and read on their website and social media accounts. They are now a big family and growing day by day. Join us and Smile with us.
Medical Tourism in Jordan

Why Jordan   

Common Dental Procedures Average Price Range in Jordan Average Price Range in the US & Europ
Regular Extractions $30 – $90 $140 – $240
Cleaning $20 – $70 $80 – $120
PFM Crown (Porcelain Fused to Metal) $180 – $400 $600 – $1300
All Porcelain Crown $250 – $500 $800 – $1400
Zirconia Crown $400 – $750 $1000 – $1600
Veneer $250 – $550 $900 – $1400
Dental Implant $700 – $1200 $1800 – $3000
Full Upper Denture $200 – $700 $1000 – $2000
Root Canal with Post $200 – $550 $900 – $1500

Jordan as Your Medical Tourism Destination  

Whether the number of patients traveling to Jordan is going up or down this year, or if these patients are actually considered “medical tourists,” the fact remains that Jordanian Hospitals have exceptional quality to offer

Jordan’s baseline is quality healthcare

While Jordan boasts its excellence in quality medical care, it is also an attraction for spa and wellness due to it being the home of the Dead Sea.

The benefits from Dead Sea bathing are attributed to a natural tar in the water and also to high level of minerals that may affect the rate of skin cell growth. Dead Sea mud is considered helpful in two ways: the dark mud helps UV light get absorbed and mud packs stimulate blood circulation around joints affected by Psoriatic Arthritis.

It is also known to heal wounds, and helps slow down the all around aging process of the skin. A rare chemical composition of Chloride, Bicarbonate, Sulphate, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium bestows the Dead Sea with its substantial curative properties.

Apart from the extremely attractive costs, which come to as low as 30 ~ 60 % of US & EUROPE costs, Jordan is one of the few countries, which due to their great diplomatic relations with other countries, allows for convenient travel. In fact, most nationalities do not even require a visa, or have access to visa-on-arrival facilities.

The high quality standards in healthcare in Jordan, vouched for by the numerous international and domestic accreditations most hospitals have earned, ensure that visitors get only the best. Jordan has its own healthcare accreditation council in place, which is itself accredited by the ISQua, ensuring that healthcare in the country meets international standards.

Medical tourism in Jordan has seen an increase over the years, mainly due to high level of expertise provided in the country. Apart from state of the art technology, a number of doctors in the leading hospitals in Jordan are certified by the American board or UK fellowship. Also, numerous measures have been taken that most training staff in English, Arabic as well as Russian.

The Jordanian medical and wellness healthcare will flourish bearing in mind the uniqueness of the Dead Sea on one hand and its 10% excess Oxygen to any other location on earth, and because of the high demand there is high return for investors in the field.

The water of the Dead Sea is effective in healing allergies, psoriasis, eczema and purulent rashes. It also aids blood circulation and improves one’s metabolism by relaxing the nervous system. It cleanses the skin and improves its outer appearance and its elasticity.

Today, many world class hotels and spas have been built on the shores of the Dead Sea so people can enjoy the healing properties of the indigenous mud and water available in this region.

Dead Sea has bloomed into a major tourist hotspot combining faith and wellness turning it into a haven for perpetual bliss. Close to the Dead Sea, lies Jordan’s Rift valley which is the lowest point on earth. It is an astounding 400 meters below the sea level with a picturesque landscape to fascinate the tourists.

A vacation at the Dead Sea coast will have a combining effect of the Dead Sea salt and the sun to work wonders on your physical and mental wellbeing! The magical properties of the Dead Sea mineral salts have a permanent answer to a number of ailments like:
– Chronic skin disease.
– Respiratory and joint disorders.
– Asthmatic troubles.
– Arthritis.
– Psoriasis.
– Atopic Dermatitis.
– Vitiligo
– Rheumatism.
– Osteoarthritis
– Fibromyalgia and many other disorders.

Jordan is home to over 28,000 physicians, many of whom obtained their board in the USA, UK, EU, and other world-leading nations. The nursing, laboratory, pharmacist, and technician staff are also some of the best in the region.

Privatized healthcare in Jordan has taken the medical infrastructure to another level; as major hospitals and medical institutions equipped with top-of-the-line equipment make the country a great place for those looking for intricate or complex procedures.

Jordan’s healthcare capacity is also outstanding, even during the pandemic ravaged the year of 2020 hospitals in Jordan maintained capacity and were not overrun with patients.

At the time crowned one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is a major tourist attraction in Jordan. Apart from this, most medical tourists particularly favor the world-class spas on offer at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. Jordan has a well developed tourism infrastructure in place, with tourism being an important contributor to its economy. Visitors have a wide range of choice amongst hotels and resorts, and travel is extremely convenient.

Winter lasts from January to February in Jordan, with visitors advised to carry heavy winter clothing during this period, though summer can get extremely hot, lasting from June to August. November to March plays host to rains, with snowfall being experienced only in the peak of winter. Be sure to consult us on the kind of clothes you need to carry depending on your condition. Read More in Weather in Jordan

In case your health permits it, do make time to visit some of the rich natural reserves in Jordan, such as, the Azraq National Reserve, the Shawmari Wildlife Reserve and the Dana National Reserve. Some other tourists hotspots include Mt. Nebo, Jerash, the Crusader castle at Karak and many others.

Jordan has a strong transportation and lodging infrastructure, with major medical centers surrounded by top-notch hotels and apartments for rent allowing patients to easily access them. The transportation structure is also easy to comprehend and can get patients anywhere they need to be easily and hustle-free.

The actual environment itself is another major attraction, as many medical tourists have trouble with extreme weather conditions. Jordan’s continental weather, much warmer than its neighbors to the north and much cooler than the scorching heat in the Gulf Region means medical tourists won’t have to worry about the weather making their conditions even worse.

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