Preserving Jordanian and Palestinian folk heritage via its collection of costumes, mosaics and more


This small museum, immediately to the left as you enter the Roman Theatre, has well-presented displays of traditional costumes, jewelry and face masks, along with mannequins dressed in the traditional costumes of Jordan’s different ethnic groups.
A separate gallery displays mosaics from Jerash and Madaba.

While the Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions may be small, it has lots to offer those looking to find out about the culture of the region.
It has five different galleries containing preserved pottery, costumes, mosaics, jewelry and other artifacts from daily living.

Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions was established in 1971. Since then, it has endeavored to make Jordanian culture accessible to all who visit through its beautiful displays of intricately designed cultural items.
Find the museum just within the east section of the Roman Theater in Amman.

As you set off on your self-guided tour of the museum, start in the first hall, which holds traditional costumes from the East Bank. See the vivid colors that make the costumes stand out against the stone background of their cases.

Entrance to Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions, east section of the old Roman Theater at Amman Citadel
The striking location alone makes it a must-visit.
Collection of mosaics at Jordan Folklore Museum

Stroll into the second hall and find jewelry and cosmetic items that have been collected from different parts of the East and West Banks.
See the gleaming silver of necklaces and bracelets and take note of the subtle differences between the styles. After you’ve finished here, continue on to see a display of Palestinian costumes.

Finish your exploration of the museum by going into the fourth hall, which is dedicated to artifacts from daily life including preserved pottery, cooking pots and other utensils used to prepare food.
Here, you will also find some bridal dresses from the West Bank.

Finally, see the mosaics from Byzantine churches in the last display, which is also a vault of the Roman Theater.

Buy a ticket to the Roman Theater to gain entrance to the Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions.
The museum’s opening hours vary depending on the season, so make sure to check ahead of time before visiting. Arrival is easiest on foot.

The Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions aims are to collect Jordanian and Palestinian folk heritage from all over Jordan, to protect and conserve this heritage and to present it for future generations. The museum is also concerned with introducing our popular heritage to the world.
The museum has five exhibition halls.
The first hall is dedicated to the traditional costumes of the East Bank.

In the second hall, the traditional jewelry and cosmetic items of the various regions in the East and West Banks are on display.

The third hall contains a collection of Palestinian costumes and heard-dresses.

In the fourth hall there is a collection of pottery and wooden cooking pots and food preparation vessels, as well as a collection of silver jewelry and bridal dresses from the West Bank.

The fifth hall, which is in a vault of the Roman Theatre, houses a collection of mosaics from Byzantine churches in Jerash and Madaba.

Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions - five exhibition halls
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