When someone think about desert, he normally imagine endless expanses of sand and dust. But the Wadi Rum desert valley in Jordan, also known as the “Valley of the Moon,” offers so much more. A journey to this ancient landscape is a journey to a vast, silent, and timeless place.

In this arid valley, dug in a superb fashion by the water and the wind over the millennia, there are fabulous and unspoiled landscapes made of high sand dunes, rocky mountains with incredible shapes, narrow canyons with a thousand shades of color, water sources intertwined between the heights, impressive rock arches, 4,000-year-old rock engravings, and many other wonderful treasures.

So the answer of main given question is :

It is inappropriate to reveal even the slightest amount of stomach or hips – so short tops, short skirts / shorts, or tight clothes should be avoided completely, with the possible exception of your hotel pool area.
It is so huge

Comprises an area of 74,200 hectares (about 183,352 acres), nearly as large as New York City (78,380 hectares / 193,484 acres)

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The Red Rock Formations

Arches, towering cliffs, massive landslides, dramatic cavernous weathering forms and narrow gorges, all together create an almost fairy-tale setting.

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Fairy-tale place at night

Watch Milky Way a million miles away with your naked eyes thanks to the extremely clear air, count the endless stars in the sparkling night sky, enjoy the total silence and peace of the desert

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Mars on Earth

Red sands & red sandstone mountains create an uncanny Mars-like landscape, making you feel like you are stepping foot on another planet, though you are on Earth.

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All time Hollywood - Mars

The Martian (2015), The Last Days on Mars (2013), Red Planet (2000), Mission to Mars (2000), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Prometheus, Lawrence of Arabia, etc.. had been filmed in Wadi Rum

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Year-round destination

Summer and winter may be less comfortable in terms of weather, but is rewarding with significantly smaller crowds. And the best time for climbing and hiking is from October to April


Attractions in Wadi Rum

Lawrence’s spring

Lawrence’s spring in Wadi rum

Where Lawrence of Arabia reputedly washed during the Arab Revolt. Has an attractive rock inscriptions on nearby rocks.

Khazali canyon

Wadi Rum "Khazali canyon"Deep, narrow fissure in the mountain side, containing many rock inscriptions.

Sunset sites

Sun set at Wadi Rum Winter and summer sites, where you get the most dramatic views of Wadi Rum as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Sand dunes

Sand Dunes in Wadi Rum large area of sand dunes piled up against the mountains. Fun to climb to the top. Have desert-adapted plants.

Rock bridge

Rock bridge - Wadi RunSpectacular natural rock arch, with great views.

Burrah canyon

Burrah canyon - Wadi Rumlong, deep canyon between dramatic mountains. Lots of sand in places. Very beautiful in early morning or late evening, when the sun turns the rock deep orange.

Alameleh Inscriptions

wadi rum "Alameleh Inscriptions"Good example of ancient rock drawings, showing camels and wildlife.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Wadi Rum "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" Although the free handout map, and almost all tourist literature, names the soaring pinnacles of rock directly opposite the Visitor Centre as the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, this is a fabrication, made up in the last few years by marketing executives to cash in on the legend of Lawrence. (Five of the pinnacles are in plain view; the other two are round the side.) Lawrence never mentioned this mountain, and took the title of his most famous work from the Book of Proverbs (9:1): “Wisdom has built a house; she has hewn out her seven pillars”. The local bedouin referred to this mountain as Jabal al-Mazmar long before outsiders had ever heard of Rum. It seems tragic that even they are now calling it the “Seven Pillars”

Siq Um Tawaqi

Wadi Rum "Siq Um Tawaqi"Short canyon containing a carving of the head of T. E. Lawrence.

Anfashieh inscriptions

Wadi Rum "Anfashieh inscriptions"This mountain is famous for its formations and inscription. Anfashieh has numerous Thamudic and Nabatean inscriptions, next to it drawings of animals, humans, and camel caravans.

Nabatean Temple – Aretas (IV)

Wadi Rum "Nabatean Temple – Aretas (IV)"Used by Nabatean to worship ALLAT (Goddes). This temple was built on the ruins of Allat temple of the AAD TRIBE.

Jabal Umm Al Dami

Wadi Rum " Jabal Umm Al Dami"Located inside Wadi Rum and near Saudi Arabia’s border, Um Al Dami Mountain stands high emanating from the picturesque sand. It is the tallest mountain in Jordan provides summit views at an elevation of approximately 1,854 meters.

The Mountain is typical destination for climbers. The ascent is not particularly difficult, taking about two hours and involving very little scrambling.

The Mountain peak embraces many of hyrax, a small rodent like mammal that lives under the rocks. If you are lucky you might spot them while hiking.

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