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Keep in mind that you only have 24 hours in Jerusalem, so get up early to enjoy it to the most! You need to begin each day at Jerusalem’s Old City, which is its most famous location. Numerous sacred sites for the three main monotheistic world faiths are contained behind walls that date back more than 5,000 years. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Armenian sections make up the Old City.

A map won’t help you much when traversing the Old City’s winding streets. However, there are a number of signs that are displayed that will point you in the right direction of significant locations. A guided tour is the greatest way to learn about the Old City because there are so many treasures tucked away in little lanes.

We advise this morning walking trip for travelers who only have one day. With the correct guide, you’ll be astonished at how much sightseeing you can fit in before lunch!



Mount of Olives: This mountain, which views above Jerusalem’s Old City, is perhaps best known for housing the Garden of Gethsemane. Many churches and mosques are worth seeing, and they provide for excellent photo possibilities. The “Palm Sunday” route, which finally leads into the Old City, is also accessible to tourists on foot. We advise doing this Jerusalem Mount of Olives and Temple Mount Tour if you want to stay longer. The tour is only offered on Wednesdays, but it is essential for tourists who want to spend their entire day in Jerusalem exploring.



Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial is a somber and moving museum. This museum, one of the most popular destinations in the nation, provides excellent Holocaust teaching and is a moving experience. It’s free to enter. Here, you may combine an afternoon visiting Yad Vashem with a morning Old City tour.

Discover Jerusalem’s Urban Communities: Many tourists are keen to experience the “genuine” city while they are traveling. Check out our Jerusalem bucket list for some hidden jewels and our guide to the “secret” side of Jerusalem if you want to see the city from a local perspective. Or you may hire a private local guide to show you around the city’s most interesting locations according to your preferences.

How should I spend 24 hours in Jerusalem? is a common question from tourists . This wonderful city, which has a huge historical and biblical significance, is typically the first destination for tourists . How is it possible to observe EVERYTHING in such a small amount of time?

We advise staying here for two to three days. It’s challenging to learn everything there is to know about Jerusalem in a single day. Check out some Jerusalem hotels here. Jerusalem is also an excellent home base for trips throughout the area since many of them provide the option to begin here. However, if you only have one day to spend in Jerusalem, this schedule is ideal for giving you a taste of the Holy City.



Machane Yehuda Market: Begin your evening with a stroll around Machane Yehuda Market if you want to enjoy real cuisine. Be prepared for some commotion and a lack of personal space. Additionally, pay strict attention to your wallet or pocketbook. The Old City is 15 minutes away by foot from this market, which is just off Jaffa Street and sells wonderful spices along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

All of the residents of shop in Machane Yehuda, one of the largest Shuks in the country. Prior to Saturday on Fridays is when it is busiest. (The market is closed on weekends, holidays, and every Friday evening through Saturday evening.) It is worth the trip even if you don’t need to buy anything. If you’re hungry and want to fully experience the evening or nightlife, there are also a variety of restaurants and pubs within the market.



If you just have one day in Jerusalem, you should make it completely special. Why not attend a cooking class with a local chef? To prepare a delectable supper, you’ll require items from the Machane Yehuda market.

Experiencing the Tower of David light display in the Old City, near to Jaffa Gate, is one of the most romantic ways to round off your 24-hour stay in Jerusalem. Then you may take Mamilla Mall, an upscale retail and dining complex that unites Jerusalem’s Old and New Cities and is especially stunning at night, back to the city center.


You can only get a little taste of the amazing things Jerusalem has to offer in one day. However, if you stick to this timetable, you’ll at least return home having visited the highlights.

Do you still have time? View our complete selection of excursions to and from Jerusalem. We hope you’ll return soon and stay for a while. In fact, we’re confident that you’ll want to visit Jerusalem again soon!


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