Aqaba Beaches

Feel the gentle embrace of Aqaba's pristine beaches, where the azure waters meet the golden sands in perfect harmony

Aqaba, Jordan’s gem on the Red Sea, boasts stunning beaches ideal for both relaxation and adventure. Whether you crave a public beach with family-friendly amenities or a luxurious private beach club, Aqaba offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

The visitor is conveyed both stunning beauty and grace by the beach city of Aqaba. A collection of calm mountains and an intriguing desert touch the Red Sea, reflecting on the crystal-clear waves. The Gulf of Aqaba, which stretches along the northern coastline, is 180 kilometers long, grows to 25 kilometers wide, and has 27 kilometers of Jordanian beachfront. The remaining portion of the coastline is shared by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. A visitor may enjoy a spectacular simultaneous view of all four shorelines while taking a boat to the Gulf’s center.

Aqaba Beaches – Azure Tranquility

Bask in the warmth of the sun on Aqaba’s sun-kissed shores, where every moment is a celebration of nature’s beauty.

Whether you are staying in the city center or one of the neighboring hotels, this beach is a convenient alternative even if it is undoubtedly not Aqaba’s greatest beach. Because of the significant boat traffic you’ll encounter here owing to City Beach’s near proximity to the Port of Aqaba, we advise exploring a bit farther to the South for a nicer, more pleasurable day at the public beach, Aqaba. It can become rather crowded, but there aren’t any snorkeling or diving spots worth mentioning. If you’re interested in learning about the local way of life, this is an excellent place to people watch.

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Aqaba Beaches – Serenity by the Sea

Escape to the serenity of Aqaba’s beaches, where the rhythmic lull of the waves creates a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

12 kilometers of beaches and small bays make up South Beach, which is protected by colorful coral reefs. Only a few meters offshore are some of Aqaba beaches top for snorkeling and diving spots.

Much of South Beach is broad and flat, providing lots of space to stretch out and enjoy your day. Make sure to stay for a truly stunning sunset while you’re there. As described in travel guides, the Red Sea at Aqaba is indeed peaceful, serene, and breathtakingly gorgeous.

Although Aqaba is highly protected and there are few waves here, the sand on our beaches is not as fine as it is in other, harsher areas.

For your comfort and safety, we advise donning booties, diving shoes, or other water-friendly footwear due to the presence of some gravel and stone. Taxis are reasonably priced and accessible 24 hours a day to take you to and from South Beach Aqaba .

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Water Sports in Aqaba -parasailing
Aqaba Marine Park Shore
Kayak in Aqaba water sport


For a budget-friendly option, head to the Marine Park Beach, also known as Al-Yamania Beach. Stretching along the Aqaba South Beach area, this 7-kilometer public beach is a great choice for families. Here you’ll find restrooms, showers, a small market selling snacks, and a restaurant serving local fare. The beach itself offers shallow areas for wading and calm waters perfect for young children. It’s also a popular spot for snorkeling due to its proximity to vibrant coral reefs.

It is Marine Park Beach, which stretches over 7 kilometers and has 11 distinctive diving sites, and it is the only public Aqaba beaches in South Beach, Aqaba. There are also a ton of other things to do here, such the family-friendly Visitor Center where kids can receive a hands-on introduction to some of Aqaba’s rich marine species.

There are restrooms and showers on site (JD 0.50), and there is also a little market to visit and a restaurant serving delectable, fresh local food. Weekends and holidays in the busy season might see a minor increase in crowding at this wonderful beach. Do you desire greater privacy? There are other private beach Aqaba a short distance offshore that offer a tranquil and restful ambiance all year long.


Entry fee: JD 13

The Berenice Beach Club is less than 5 minutes’ drive or little over 1 kilometre away. This seaside clubhouse is a lovely place to spend a day with the family thanks to the large on-site pools for adults and kids (towels are included in the admission fee), as well as boutique shops and a well-liked restaurant with full service bar.

Off the 650-meter beach, snorkeling is picture-perfect, and Black Rock, a fantastic dive location, is only offshore.



Entry fee: JD 20

This beach is a part of Tala Bay, Your admission fee ensures all-day access to first-rate amenities including heated swimming pools with kiddie pools, lounge spaces by the pool and beach with loungers and umbrellas (as well as a poolside bar), and the delectable beach club restaurant.

The finest location in Aqaba beaches if you want to spend the day lazing on the beach is not the best for diving or snorkeling.


Entry fee: JD 10

A large, spotless beach provides swimmers with deeper water and beautiful coral reefs (Coral Garden), which are simple for snorkelers and divers to reach. There are shallow and deep swimming areas here, as well as facilities with showers, a small bar, and a restaurant. There are ongoing renovations, so access may be limited.

With its range of options and stunning Red Sea backdrop, Aqaba’s beaches offer the perfect escape for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure underwater.

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