Aqaba Airport – King Hussein International Airport

Efficiency meets comfort at King Hussein International Airport, Aqaba’s premier aviation hub. Aqaba Airport AQJ.

The primary entrance to Aqaba is King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba. Aqaba, a lovely seaside city right on the Red Sea, blends historical landmarks with opulent hotel resorts and water sports like windsurfing and scuba diving. Aqaba is a great location for first-time visitors to Jordan since it has direct links to Amman.

King Hussein International Airport is the one that serves Aqaba. Every day, Royal Jordanian Airlines offers flights into the airport in Aqaba from all around the world. Also, there are a lot of internal flights that connect Aqaba with Amman, the country’s capital, allowing travelers to travel beyond.

Flights from Aqaba to Amman Jordan
Distance: King Hussein International Airport (AQJ) - Aqaba city center

King Hussein International Airport (AQJ) is conveniently located just a short distance from Aqaba city center. The distance between King Hussein International Airport and Aqaba city center is approximately 11 kilometers (6.8 miles). This close proximity translates to a quick and easy journey into town. By car, it typically takes around 12-15 minutes to reach the heart of Aqaba from the airport.

A Legacy Etched in the Sands of Time

KHIA’s (AQJ) story is intrinsically linked to the rise of Aqaba itself. In 2001, with a vision as vast as the desert skies, King Abdullah II embarked on a mission to transform Aqaba from a slumbering port town into a vibrant economic and leisure hub. KHIA (AQJ), then merely a nascent airfield, was envisioned as the cornerstone of this metamorphosis.

Flying into History: King Hussein International Airport

Over the years, KHIA (AQJ) has blossomed into a modern facility, its sleek terminal building a beacon against the backdrop of the russet desert. Yet, beneath the veneer of modernity lies a deep respect for Jordan’s rich heritage. The airport’s namesake, King Hussein, a revered figure who steered Jordan through a period of immense change, serves as a constant reminder of the nation’s unwavering commitment to progress and stability.


At the airport, you may find taxis that will take you to Aqaba City Center for around $15- $20.


One of the most practical ways to experience Jordan and all it has to offer is through car rental. For a modern model with air conditioning and insurance, visitors should budget roughly 35–40 JD (50–60 US$) each day. The airport is where visitors may pick up their prearranged automobile hire.

Taxi in Jordan


The airport at Aqaba, in contrast to Queen Alia Airport in Amman, is quite tiny and has few food and beverage options. Visitors cannot count on dining at the airport before a trip because of the inadequate amenities provided.

The airport contains a café that offers local fare and refreshments for people searching for a quick lunch or snack. It is typically advisable to eat a substantial dinner in Aqaba‘s city center before traveling to King Hussein International Airport because the airport is lacking in eateries.

Two stores, including a duty-free and a Jordanian gift shop, are located in the airport. It is not advisable to rely solely on the airport store for last-minute souvenirs and gifts because it is very tiny and could not provide what you’re searching for.

The airport provides one First Class Lounge for travelers who wish to start their homeward journey in elegance. The lounge is spacious and cozy, offering a great place to unwind away from the bustle.

At King Hussein International Airport, there is only one bank where guests may exchange foreign currencies for local bills. The bank is the Arab Bank Company, one of Jordan’s most prosperous financial institutions.

up to this moment – There is no WiFi available at the airport.

Aqaba King Hussein International Airport stands as a potent symbol of Jordan’s unwavering spirit. It is a testament to the nation’s commitment to progress, hospitality, and its dedication to showcasing the world the wonders that Aqaba holds. As you depart from KHIA, carrying with you the warmth of Jordanian hospitality and the indelible memories of Aqaba’s magic, you take with you a piece of Jordan’s captivating story.

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