Many tourists visit holy land just to take advantage of the stunning and mystical Eilat beaches. The Red Sea's 10-kilometer long beach soon draws tourists. The water is always pleasant and is clean and transparent. Eilat is the ideal vacation destination because it seldom gets below 68 degrees outside and only experiences precipitation 12 days out of the year.
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You also have the stunning desert and mountains of Eilat as a background. It is a magnificent sight to witness.



Eilat Beach – The beaches in Eilat circle Eilat Bay and go along the Red Sea from the Egyptian border in the southwest to the Jordanian border in the northeast. The majority of the bathing beaches are located in the northern end, in front of opulently huge hotels, while the nicest coral reefs and the majority of scuba and skin diving are located in the southern end.

Eilat Beaches

Without seeing at least one of its stunning beaches, you must go to Eilat. Visit the nicest beaches in Eilat to dive with dolphins, unwind in the sunshine, and have a beverage.

Just look up when you’re on the beach to see the enormous Eilat mountains all around. View Jordan from the other side of the water; you could later think about taking a trip there to see Petra. While some of the beaches have lovely, soft sand, others are more realistic and have rocks or coarse sand. Some of the beaches in Eilat have lifeguards on duty, while others don’t. Therefore, it is wise to verify before attending, especially if you have kids. With so many beaches to pick from, finding the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the sun will be simple.

HaSh’hafim (Seagulls) Beach

A soft sand and fine gravel beach with a calm atmosphere near the northernmost point of the seashore. The adjoining hotel has meal delivery service, and there are lifeguards on duty.

Sun Bay Beach

The Seagulls Beach is just adjacent to this one. Although it is tidy and offers beach chairs for guests to use, because it is not a recognized beach, there are no lifeguard services available.

  • Golden BeachThis beach, which is next the Dan Hotel, has lifeguard coverage, showers, meals that may be ordered, a snack bar, and sun loungers.
  • Dan Hotel BeachThe beach in front of the Dan Hotel is well-kept and orderly. Both hotel guests and the general public can use the chairs and umbrellas for a charge. Parking spaces and restrooms are available right there.
  • Bar BeachThis location is only a tiny bit lower. The majority of visitors come here to snorkel and scuba dive because it is located on a natural reef reserve. A wooden terrace on the ocean and a café beside the beach are also there.
  • Istrotel Princess Hotel BeachIn front of the Istrotel Princess Hotel sits this lovely beach. It has a coral reef, a lengthy promenade, and a pier that leads to deeper water.
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Royal Beach Hotel Beach

The Royal Beach Hotel manages this beach area. It grants visitors and the general public access. Highlights include a restaurant and a sports club where you may go tubing, kayaking, and jet skiing, among other water sports.

Moriah Beach

This beach, which is situated in front of the Lorenzo Plaza Hotel, provides umbrellas without charge. For a price, chairs may be hired. The hotel also accepts orders for food and beverages.

9 Beach

This chic lounge bar debuted in 2011 and is close to the mall. The location has seating options with cushions as well as a food selection.

Mosh Beach

In Eilat, Mosh Beach is the place to be seen. Numerous eateries provide mouthwatering fare and breathtaking views. People often slow down and appreciate life in this area, which is referred to as the India of Eilat.

Kisuski Beach

This rocky beach is more well-known for the water activities it provides. accessible water and snorkeling gear. It is a designated beach, however there are no lifeguards there.

Electric Company Beach

Small stones rather than sand make up this public, open beach. Chairs for the beach and water sports gear may be rented here. No lifeguards are present.

Dekel Beach

This location provides a delicious restaurant as well as free access to the beach through designated walkways. On Fridays, a DJ hosts a Kabalat Shabbat.

Dolphin Reef Beach:

One of Eilat’s most beautiful beaches is this one. It gives guests the chance to see dolphins up close and engage with them. Additionally, snorkeling and relaxing at the seaside bar are options.

Village Beach

This beach is for people who like to be active. A beach volleyball court and a floating tanning raft are available. The beach features a popular bar and hosts several events that draw both residents and tourists.






Club Med Beach

Enjoy the several spots of this beach that are covered in front of the Club Med hotel. The general public and visitors are welcome. Utilize the amenities provided, such as the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the sports like windsurfing and snorkeling.




Coral Beach Nature Reserve

This preserve, one of the most visited places in Eilat, runs approximately 1,200 meters parallel to the shore. Given how much there is to see underwater, visitors might not want to spend a lot of time at the beach. Visitors must pay an admission charge and extra money to rent snorkeling gear. It’s worthwhile.



Migdalor Beach

One of the most southern beaches, Migdalor is named after a lighthouse that can be found across the street. This beach is really beautiful and tranquil. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind. Think about hiring a floating inflatable mattress. Lifeguards are not present.





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