Exploring Jerash With Maha Anabtawi 

Jerash 19.08.2023 Ammon Applied University College

Our incredibly talented Maha Anabtawi, who serves as both an educator and a guide, is nothing short of a beacon of inspiration. Her ability to impart knowledge and wisdom is matched only by her unwavering commitment to helping us navigate the complexities of life’s journey.

Whether in the guide’s classroom or beyond, right at the site, she serves as a constant source of guidance, leading the future guides with patience, enthusiasm, and a profound dedication to our growth and success.

Her passion for teaching, paired with her natural talent for illuminating the path ahead, makes them not just a mentor but a cherished guide in our lives, showing us the way to knowledge and personal growth with an unwavering grace.

On a bright and sunny morning of 19th August 2023, Anabtawi embarked on an exciting excursion to the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan. She had been planning this adventure for weeks, and the anticipation was palpable .

Jerash, with its rich history and well-preserved ruins, was a destination we couldn’t wait to explore. We set off early, armed with our cameras, water bottles, and a bag full of snacks to keep us energized throughout the day. The drive to Jerash was a scenic one, passing through lush countryside and picturesque landscapes. We chatted, sang along to our favorite songs, and marveled at the beauty of Jordan.

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As we entered the city, the towering walls and grand entrance of Jerash welcomed us with open arms. The moment we stepped through the ancient archway, we were transported back in time. The streets were bustling with tourists, each person eager to uncover the hidden treasures of Jerash.

Our first stop was the magnificent Hadrian’s Arch, an imposing structure that has stood the test of time for nearly two thousand years. We admired its intricate carvings and contemplated the history that had passed beneath its archway.

Next, we ventured into the sprawling Oval Plaza, where the imposing Temple of Artemis dominated the skyline. We explored the colonnaded streets, marveling at the remarkably preserved architecture. Sarah and I couldn’t resist posing for photos and imagining ourselves as ancient Romans strolling through the city.

Our excursion took us to the South Theater, an ancient amphitheater that once seated thousands of spectators. We climbed to the highest tier and gazed out at the breathtaking view. We could almost hear the echoes of performances from centuries ago.

We ventured deeper into the city, exploring its many temples, fountains, and squares. The Nymphaeum, a beautiful monument dedicated to the nymphs, was a particular favorite, with its stunning water features and intricate carvings.

Jerash’s magnificent ruins were not the only attractions that captured our hearts. The friendly locals we met along the way were equally charming. They shared stories, offered insights, and recommended hidden gems within the city. We savored delicious local cuisine at a quaint restaurant, sampling mouthwatering dishes like Kebab and Shesh Taouq.

As the day progressed, we felt a profound sense of connection to Jerash’s history. It was as if we were walking in the footsteps of those who had lived here centuries ago. The city’s beauty and the knowledge that it had endured for so long left us in awe.

Our excursion to Jerash had been an incredible journey back in time, filled with wonder, exploration, and newfound knowledge. It was a day that deepened our friendship and left us with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

As the sun began to set, casting a warm, golden hue over the ancient stones, we headed back to our bus, feeling grateful for the opportunity to experience the magic of Jerash together.
There are moments for levity, and moments for more serious conversation. The latter can be much harder to tackle. As our tour leader – Anabtawi started her questions examining all of us, who was carefully listening …

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