Moses Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the highest point of the Abarim mountain range that passes through Jordan and which culminates in the Arabian desert in the south. Located in Madaba, East of the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo is a revered holy area.

Moses, who led the group of people “Israelites” in an exodus out of Egypt across the desert for more than 40 years, stood on the summit of Mount Nebo and was granted a view of the Promised Land.

Moses’ life ended and dead after that, and the area was believed to be the burial place of the prophet, in the exact location remains unknown.

Mount Nebo is an important part of Jordan tours. visitors can climb to the summit of the 800-meter of Nebo Mount and view a great panorama of parts of the Islamic holy Land, apparent on a clear day.

once you will reach the summit you can have a view of the Dead Sea, the West of Jericho in the Jordan River valley, and the hills of Jerusalem. Mount Nebo, in addition to being an honorable place of pilgrimage.

can you climb mount Nebo ?

While it is totally easy to reach the top of Mount Nebo by car, the 1,100-meter walk up to the top isn’t mean a climb. It’s just a walk!

That makes it a great place to check some easy-to-reach, but if you’re searching for a climb through nice natural landscapes, this is not the place that you are looking for. (So, I find this trail from Mont Nebo to the Dead Sea. If you decide to go.

How to Visit Mount Nebo

the cost of visiting Mount Nebo costs around 2 JD (3 USD). The easy way to get to Mount Nebo is to take a normal car or taxi ride from Madaba. to turn the base of the mountain, visitors have to walk to the summit.

As the death place of Moses, Mount Nebo does not always satisfice by foreign tourists deserved. It is a great important religious area and enables visitors to see as far as Jerusalem. It only requires 2 hours to visit.

Where To Stay Near Mount Nebo

If you’re on an paid organized tour, you will  be sleeping near at the Dead Sea or Madaba, though you can stay in the Amman as a capital city of Jordan if you’re traveling on your own independent journey .

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Opening Hours

The opening hours for the Mount Nebo area are between 5 am and 7 pm daily between April & October, and 7 am to 7 pm from November to  March.

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