Eilat or as it was known previously Umm al-Rashrāsh is a city located in southern Israel on the shore of the Red Sea. The city is known with best aquatic life, and The Red Sea one of the best places for diving you can literally dive and being surrounded by thousands of fishes and coral. Water sport, fly with waves.

Eilat - Discover Red Sea


A port city and popular vacation destination bordering Jordan and Egypt, is the holy land’s southern entryway. Numerous occupants throughout the city’s history have been drawn to it by its advantageous position. The Children of Israel stopped in city on their way across the desert, and both King David and King Solomon used it as a tactical invasion and occupation location.

It is referenced in the Bible a few other times. The ancient Egyptians, Midianites, Romans, Nabataeans, Byzantines, Mamluks, Crusaders, Turks, and British were all powerful in city, according to archeological finds found all around the city. In 1949, the Palmach Negev Brigade overran and captured Um Rash Rash, which is how the city had its start.

The War of Independence came to a close with the hoisting of the national flag, and the city  was established.  was a tiny town in 1950–the early 1950s, populated mostly by port workers, soldiers, and ex-convicts. Suez Crisis Kadesh Operation, 1956. Following the war,  grew, and the municipal government, tourism, and port of eilat all advanced quickly. Ten years after the capture, in 1959,  was proclaimed a city.

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Discover Red Sea

swim with dolphins (dolphin reef eilat )

Is a school of glass-nosed dolphins, and visitors from eight years old can dive and ten-year-old can swim with dolphins, and watch coral reefs

Eilat Discover Red Sea


You can leave the sea and go outside to the desert. you will love the granite mountains and surrounding canyons; you can do it on foot or ride a Camel or jeep.



The Underwater Observatory is the attraction in the city that allow you to watch sharks and sea turtles swim in large open-air tanks. you can also see colorful fish and rich corals of the Red Sea by snorkeling in eilat.

Eilat City Museum

Eilat City Museum

One of many museums in the city. The museum displays pictures about the residents of the old city and how it is development to the great city we see today, the companies and people who work hard to the development of the city, in addition to the sea and desert animals.

Eilat food

Restaurants and Food

The city can literally give you whatever food you want. what do you want? fast food? Chinese and Indian meals? Do you just want to relax and have a snack? Do you want to eat local meals? Want seafood? They all there waiting for you. The city is really rich with food, and you certainly do not want to miss any of it, in city you never leave with an empty stomach 
In the city there are also many Arab foods, such as falafel, hummus and shawarma, and there are restaurants for sweets with all kinds.

What To Do

In addition to seeing the well-known sights that are well-known to everyone, there are several activities to do while on vacation in city. For your convenience, the majority of them are included on one page. However, city also has a wide range of sights that most tourists are unaware of, therefore we chose to include a few that are new to those of you who have previously seen everything.

So that you may take advantage of some of the fresh and innovative experiences the next time you visit city, read about these attractions below. Take advantage of the tourist sites that you might not have heard of but are deserving of a visit.

Eilat Museum

When looking for attractions for the entire family a visit to the museum may not be on your list. Think again, a visit to the Eilat Museum can add quality and cultural content to your vacation. 

Shlomo Camel Ranch

The Camel Ranch was established in 1987 in the heart of the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve.

Diving in a personal submarine

If you’re looking for diving attractions in Eilat, you should definitely check out one of the exciting attractions – diving in a personal submarine.

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Weather and Climate 

In the winter, the temperature is around 18 to 21 degrees, the coldest months are January and February (low season). Best time to visit the city is September and October as the weather is absolutely great.

The hot season lasts for 4.0 months, from May 24 to September 23, with an average daily high temperature above 36°C The hottest month of the year  is July, with an average high of 39°C and low of 26°C.


Summers are long, lasting from May to September, with July and August being the hottest months. Temperatures range between 23-36° C (75-96° F) and you can expect 50-90% humidity.  The good news is that there is air-conditioning almost everywhere you go, from buses and taxis to malls and hotels. However, it is really important to prepare for these temperatures, especially when spending time outdoors. Buy good sun protection, wear long but cool clothes and make sure to drink plenty of water.


Autumn is, for the most part, a continuation of the summer weather. It does get a little cooler and the humidity drops, so it is more comfortable.  The season starts in September and at the end of November it starts getting cooler and we might see a little rain, but not too much.  September is usually as warm as summer, but the temperatures in autumn are similar to those of spring and range between 16-24° C (60-75° F).


Depending where you come from you might not even consider the city weather “real winter weather”.  This is the wettest time of the year and temperatures range between 6-15° C (42-60° F). Israeli schools have a winter break for Channukah during December, this usually doesn’t affect accommodation but activities tend to get crowded. Also, tourists from nearby countries use their winter breaks to enjoy the warmer temperatures in this city.


Spring is between March and May and this is the ideal time to visit this city. You usually won’t see much rain and the temperatures are mild, ranging between 16-24° C (60-75° F), although the nights might still be chilly. Passover falls in April so if you are planning on visiting during this time keep in mind that prices of flights and accommodation will rise and tend to get booked early.

When is the best time to book my flight ?

There are many different factors that effect each route and so the bad news is – no one rule fits all. But, the good news is that Hopper, a Boston-based start up that analyses flight data and predicts the best time to book a specific flight is doing a great job (they are right 95% of the time), so we suggest checking out their predictions for your flight and welcome to eilat airport .

What is the cheapest time to fly ?

the high season is from June to August, so those will obviously be the most expensive months to fly . Now, the cheapest month may fluctuate, and the reason for that is that Jewish holidays do not always fall in the same month, for example, one year Passover may fall in March and the next it will be in April.  


The location is considered to be reasonably safe according to the best statistics, but there are some additional cautions. For Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip as of October 7, 2019, there are travel recommendations and cautions; use extreme caution and avoid particular regions.

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