• Full Name: First Bay South aqaba
  • Dive Site: Reef
  • Visibility : 30 meters
  • Depth: 6m to 30m+
  • Snorkeling: Unavailable
  • Access: Shore/Boat (recommended)
  • Level: Beginner to technical
  • Variant Names: Reef House, Cazar Reef, First Bay

This site has an easy entry from the beach. The site has many black coral trees and usually has a large number of coronet fish hunting smaller glass-fish. The site also has a large number of colorful Parrot-fish.

Dive along with the wall back to the north, and then follow the counter of the reef, you will pass over wide expanse of coral bushes and arrive to sandy gulley. dive among this back up to 12m and work your way back across the reefs to the mooring. In this area, you will find lots of cornet fish changing in waves of color as you watch them hunt the smaller fish. Watch out here for the eight-lined wrasse. You can also find lots of parrotfish at this spot. This dive is a nice colorful dive with a lot to see for those who want it.
Swim northwards over some large black corals to a pinnacle at 17 meters covered in soft coral. There are a lot of Lunar Tail Grouper and nice Table Coral and cleaning stations. Head up to 10-12 meters and move southwards, often Barracuda are seen in the shallower water. Plus Grey Morays and Lion Fish and cleaner Wrasse Stations, on sandy areas Moses Sole, Dragonets and Flounders.

Good tec diving here to 75m and deeper in Death Valley named after the strong down current sometimes encountered here. A great dive if done with an experienced technical guide with a crazy amount of white whip corals up to 3m in height!

The rope’s purpose quickly becomes clear – it’s a permanent navigation line. Many dive centers use this as a training dive site, but don’t let First Bay South’s idyllic diving conditions fool you: this site is packed with gorgeous soft corals and sponges interspersed with large hard coral formations.

While most of this site is absolutely beginner-friendly, be aware that near the edges of the sandy valleys we’ll see throughout the site, you’ll find strong and constant downward currents that will take you swiftly down to 100m or more. Coral growth is spectacular below 40m here and this site is extremely popular with technical divers, who gave it a name all their own: Death Valley. That’s more than a clever name: stay well out of the downcurrent. 

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