Jordan Neighboring Countries: Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, West Bank
Regional Maps: Asia, Middle East, World
Jordan Cities: Al Mazraah, Al Karak, Al Mafraq, Al Tafilah, Amman (Philadelphia), Aqaba, Ar Rabbah, Ar Ramtha, Ar Rusayfah, Ar Ruwayshid, As Salt, At Tayyibah, Az Zarqa, Azraq ash Shishan, Irbid (Arbela), Irbid, Madaba and Ma’an. Jordan Locations: Dead Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan River, Mediterranean Sea, Qa Abu al Husayn, Qa al Hafirah, Qa al Jafr, Qa al Qataf, Qa al Wisad, Sea of Galilee, Syrian Desert, Wadi al Arabah River and Yarmul River.
Jordan Natural Resources: The country of Jordan has some natural resources such as phosphates, potash and shale oil.
Jordan Natural Hazards: Jordan has natural hazards which include droughts and periodic earthquakes. Jordan Environmental Issues: Environmental issues for the country of Jordan include deforestation, overgrazing, soil erosion, and desertification. The country also has limited natural fresh water resources.

The country of Jordan on Earth

jordan national flag

Adopted1939 (First Version 1928)
DesignA black-white-green horizontal tricolour with red chevron triangle and white seven-pointed star
ColoursPMS Red: 485 Green: 355
Similarity Very similar to the flag of Palestine
Brief HistoryThe flag of Jordan was adopted formally on April 18, 1928. The flag consistsr of three horizontal bands and triangle with a star on the hoist, based on the flag of the Arab Revolt. The colors from the upper to the lower end of the flag are black, white, and green. The red chevron with its base on the hoist side of the flag contains a white seven-pointed star
Jordan Flag
Meaning Of The Colors And Symbols

Every detail of the flag of the country is associated with a specific meaning. The design of the flag is based on the flag used by the revolutionaries during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. The three colors used in the flag are the Pan-Arab colors. Here, black represents the Abbasid, white represents the Umayyad, and green symbolizes the Fatimid caliphates. The current ruling dynasty of the Jordan, the Hashemite dynasty, is represented by the red chevron, which also represents the Great Arab Revolt of 1916. The star at the center of the chevron epitomizes the unity of the Arab people.

The seven points on the star represent faith in One God, national spirit, humanity, national spirit, social justice, aspiration, and virtue.
Other two different cases represented by this star: The first is that the first prayer of the Holy Quran is composed of seven lines, and the second is the hope of the unity of the Arab people. As another discourse, this seven-pointed star is thought to represent the seven hills on which each corner is built on the capital Amman.

History Of The Flag

Until 1916, Jordan was part of the Ottoman Empire and the flag of the country was the flag of the Ottoman Empire. Between 1916-1921, the Sharif and Emir of Mecca in Hejaz, Hussein bin Ali, rebelled against the Ottomans and proclaimed the Kingdom in Hejaz.

The flag used by Hussein bin Ali was also used as the flag of the Arab uprising. In the same period, his son Hussein bin Abdullah founded Emirate of Transjordan. In the same dates, the same flag was used in the early days of the Kingdom of Iraq and in Hejaz.

On April 16, 1928, on the order of Hussein bin Abdullah, a star was added to the Jordanian Flag and today’s Jordanian Flag is revealed. The length of the Jordanian Flag is twice the width.

The flag consists of a red triangle on the left side and three horizontal colors. These colors reflect Jordanian history. Black color wars and enemy attacks, white color tolerance and goodness, green color efficient grasslands, red color reflects the enemy blood.

With the end of the British colony on May 25, 1946, Jordan becomes independent. Flag of Jordan is used under the name Hashemite of the Kingdom of Jordan.

The national anthem of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan began to be used in 1946.

amman jordan flag

The flag of Amman in Jordan is the flag of the city and municipality of Amman, Jordan. It is officially recognized by the Jordanian government.

The foreground shows the Yellow word Amman written in Arabic in the Amman serif font, and in the background brown colored hills and houses. The flag was adopted by the greater municipality of Amman in 2009 along with a similar logo, replacing the old “Arch flag”.
The Design is simple: Green base, with city logo in yellow and brown, featuring triple archway and name of city.

Jordan Flag - Amman Flag

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