Haifa’s Madatech National Science, Technology and Space Museum is a large attraction packed with interactive exhibits that appeal to both adults and children. The museum is situated in the enormous structure that was once the Technion building, not far from the Bahai Gardens in Haifa’s Hadar neighborhood. The Madatech building was constructed in the first decade of the 20th century, visited by Albert Einstein in 1923, and converted into a museum in 1984. Approximately 200,000 people visit the museum each year now, many of them schoolchildren.

For the purpose of mapping, the Madatech National Science, Technology, and Space Museum may be divided into five sections. The main building’s ground level has the front desk, a café, a kids’ play area, a gift shop, and a number of exhibitions, including The Road to Safety Exhibition and the history of the printing press. Children and adults can sit side by side on a crash simulator at the Road to Safety Exhibition to demonstrate the need of wearing seatbelts when driving. The simulator is controlled solely by a museum guide.

Be ready—the crash comes as quite a shock! The first level may be seen by continuing up a winding staircase (there are also elevators on the property). The Natural Science Room, which has over 100 stuffed animals and birds that were all found in the Haifa region, including eagles, mongooses, and jungle cats, is one of the displays on the first level. Other exhibitions cover topics in-depth with interactive displays and tools for everyone’s benefit, such as Puzzles & Games, Green Energy, and Acoustics & Waves.


In the Green Energy exhibition children can learn about combustion, solar power and light power, many of the displays featuring little lights that illuminate with the power generated at the display. Children can also race sailboats on a table with fans, mapping out wind currents with guided lines on the table. Also on the first floor is the Einstein Hall where an exhibition was made in honour of Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first and only astronaut. Included in the exhibit are some of his personal belongings found at the crash site of the Columbia space shuttle that tragically crashed on descent over Texas.

Numerous further exhibitions may be located on the second floor by going up the stairs. The Magical Science display room demonstrates how basic science may be used to explain well-known magic feats. When one learns the rule of weight distribution, tricks like the bed of nails may be comprehended. The Aviation Hall goes into great detail when describing the many types of flying, including a hot air balloon and a helicopter that visitors may pilot using joysticks to learn about the consequences of air propulsion. Models of several of Leonardo Da Vinci’s brilliant creations in the fields of physics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and aeronautics may be found in another room.

The Dark Room, which features an exhibit of lights, plasma, electric charges, and lasers, is one of the places that kids can like the most. Not to mention the interesting plasma ball, standing in front of the phosphorescent wall and witnessing one’s after-image “burned” onto the wall is something that is almost miraculous.

After seeing the whole museum’s interior, go outside for some exercise and fresh air. The Noble Energy Science Park, a playable park of scientific models and activities, is located in the courtyard. One such illustration is the initial helicopter concept by Da Vinci, in which kids and tiny adults may step inside and “fly” using manual power like pedaling.

Another of Da Vinci’s brilliant creations, the pendulum swing, is located in the park and lasts an extremely long period with only a single push. The Boyo, a human yo-yo, where kids and adults may launch themselves 4 meters into the air and come back down for a bounce and re-launch, is arguably the most well-liked attraction in the whole Madatech museum complex. Be careful not to play the yo-yo for too long because it might leave your arms really painful the next day. An ex-Israeli Air Force F-21 “Kfir” warplane is also on exhibit in the park.

The Sports Science Exhibition is housed in a structure parallel to the main exhibition building that is located across from the Noble Energy Science Park.

Experience Madatech’s Cinematrix, a cutting-edge SMART theater that simultaneously appeals to all of the human senses, for a nominal extra fee. The theater has many interactive 3D systems, a multi-channel sound system, and smart chairs with built-in ticklers and dual-motion capabilities. These features are complemented by smells, air flows, and water effects. Using the remote control, engage with the 3D characters that jump out at you from the screen. Flight, safety, and space are all featured in the movie. All movies are in Hebrew, however you can reserve English movies in advance. To confirm film availability, be sure to give the museum a call in advance.

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