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One of the most fascinating destinations to visit is Tel Aviv, sometimes referred to as the “White City.”

The city is renowned for its fantastic dining, fine beaches with golden sand, rich culture, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife.

It is a destination that all types of visitors should visit because of its vibrant heart that never stops pounding.

It’s impossible to put into words the feeling that permeates the city. It has to do with the fact that the city has several nice beaches and that there are more than 300 sunny days every year.

You want to enjoy Tel Aviv like a VIP, then? You can do it without becoming a president or a famous person. If you stick to advice, you’ll soon be exploring Tel Aviv like a rock star.


Executives, officials, foreign delegations, diplomats, government ministers, and everyone who values the utmost luxury, privacy, and convenience may take advantage of Fattal Terminal’s ground-breaking airport experience.

In addition to limousine service to and from the plane, the VIP package offers no-wait customs and security checks while you unwind in the luxurious lounge. There are also sophisticated conference spaces and elegant private rooms, accommodating every personal or professional requirement.

Be a boss when you land in the area . VIPs keep their distance from other passengers. So, are you going to use the regular terminal? You’re a VIP, so no way! By delivering luxury to your plane door and treating you well, the exclusive and incredibly exclusive VIP Fattal Terminal takes care of the issue for you. Permit a luxury automobile to pick you up from or drop you off at the airport. All of your travel requirements will be met, beginning to end, by a dedicated VIP steward. True VIPs avoid crowds and most definitely avoid handling their own bags. At the Fattal Terminal, all of your concerns are taken care of.


Are you still experimenting with VIP life? Even if you aren’t ready for the full VIP experience of the Fattal Terminal, you may still want to travel in style. For you, the VIP Assistance Service at Ben Gurion Airport is the ideal compromise. The service, which is accessible for both outgoing and arriving aircraft, allows travelers access to a streamlined airport experience.

Every VIP is aware that VIPs don’t wait in lines since Ben Gurion Airport is notorious for its gruesomely lengthy queues and interrogations. Quickly and easily get through passport control, customs, luggage claim, and security. The service is particularly beneficial for groups. What excellent VIP treatment!


In Tel Aviv, are you thinking of taking a taxi to or from the airport? Think again! VIPs don’t wait for taxi to open up, and they most certainly never use taxis in the first place. VIPs reserve dependable, high-quality private transportation in luxurious vehicles. Instead of taking a cab, travel in elegance in a top-of-the-line Mercedes S-Class car.



Luxury hotel sector has exploded in the previous five years, particularly in Tel Aviv. You may choose from a variety of opulent hotels in Tel Aviv, such as the Carlton, Dan Tel Aviv, David Intercontinental, or The Setai. the beach? a pool on the roof? gym and spa? These hotels provide everything. Looking for a more welcoming but opulent stay? Arrive at The Norman.



Want to travel the country while enjoying total privacy? It seems like a pipe dream. How are you expected to avoid other tourists ascending Masada to view the sunrise or the throngs of people bathing in the dead sea mud? To find out, arrange a private VIP tour.

Your trip is undoubtedly improved by taking a personalized tour. VIP excursions may be designed entirely around your preferences and requirements. Want to add covert excursions to greatest attractions or discreet helicopter transfers? Everything can be planned out for you. Traveling without crowds will make your journey a success.



VIPs frequently have high expectations for the cuisine they consume. Thankfully, This area is a haven for foodies. Around Tel Aviv, there are a ton of excellent restaurants serving delectable fare that would satisfy even the most discerning VIP. You won’t be let down whether you choose Topolopompo’s surprise menu or stuff yourself silly with fine seafood at one of Tel Aviv’s upscale institutions like Shila, Claro, or Mashya.



Although Tel Aviv doesn’t have the same level of fashion as Paris or New York, you’d be astonished to find a number of boutique stores suitable for a VIP king or queen. The several upscale stores on He Be’iyar Street in Kikar Hamedina offer the greatest luxury shopping in Tel Aviv for worldwide brands.

Both foreign and local designers are represented, including Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Prada. they designers include Helga Design, Enigma, and Amor. Dizengoff street is a fashionable shopping district with a lot of small boutique shops, including some designers. Visit Ramat Aviv Center to uncover brands like Louis Vuitton if you’re seeking for that shopping mall vibe.



VIPs avoid standard encounters. When they travel, they will definitely go all out and have adventures that would make for great Instagram photos. When people go on desert night safari trips, they may see the desert after sunset and its starry sky. On their route to their exclusive tour of Petra, they travel into Jordan and spend the night in a plush Martian bubble tent in the middle of Wadi Rum. When you visit Tel Aviv, you may check things off your bucket list that so many people never get to do in their lifetime.




VIPs blatantly avoid using public transit and, to be very honest, occasionally even automobiles. They are constantly seeking for methods to jazz up their modes of transportation when it comes to going about. Taking a helicopter is one of the greatest ways to visit to the area, especially for VIPs with limited time. It is a small nation, making it simple to travel the whole length of it in a few hours. From above, take in the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, Caesarea’s amphitheater and aqueduct, and the port city of Akko.




Although they are a girl’s best friend, diamonds are everyone’s best buddy in the VIP world. One of the largest diamond exchanges in the world is the Diamond Exchange , sometimes referred to as “the Bursa.” These structures are where 40–50% of the diamonds in the world are processed. Take a Diamond Exchange Tour to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the exchange. You’ll also have the ability to purchase gems while on the trip. Anyone up for a 15-carat diamond ring? When visiting there, go all out and act like a VIP.



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