June 19, 2022
Al Shorouk Shipwreck dive site-Aqaba
Al Shorouk Shipwreck dive site-Aqaba Al Shorouk was scuttled by the Aqaba marine park in June 2008. Not everything went as planned and she started to drift into deep waters. They managed to stop her descent and push her back into shallower depth. She’s now resting on her side with the shallowest part of the...
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C-130 Hercules dive site-Aqaba
C-130 Hercules dive site-Aqaba unique site offers now a special challenge – three different wrecks in one dive! Al Shoruk (ship wreck), C-130 Hercules (aircraft wreck) and M42 Duster (anti-aircraft vehicle) waiting for the wreck-addicted diver in Aqaba. You can see the aircraft resting in the sand, schooling reef fish are visiting now the future...
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