Discover Aqaba’s Aquarium for a glimpse into the treasures that the Red Sea hides.

As part of the Marine Science Station Complex, the Aquarium offers a chance to dive without getting wet and watch the aquatic life inside the Red Sea. By pumping water directly from the Red Sea into the Aquarium it helps to grow corals.

By pumping water directly from the Red Sea into the Aquarium the environment is conductive to growing it corals.

The Marine Science Station (MSS) was founded in mid 1970s as inter-university research institute (The University of Jordan and Yarmouk University).

One of the main objectives of establishing the MSS, were to create a marine research facility for scientist and post graduate students.

Also, MSS facilitate the research and academic role of the Jordanian universities through hosting the graduate students and enabling them to carry out their research at the station through the use of its laboratories and various facilities.

The MSS is carrying out research projects as well as monitoring programs that define the environmental baseline characteristic of the Jordanian coast of the Gulf of Aqaba in addition to some applied aspects of coastal and marine research.

Moreover, MSS researches provide an integrated understanding of the ecosystem functions that enables adopting suitable management schemes, and to optimize the benefits of the scares Jordanian coastal resources and yet preserve them for the future generations, as a part of our valuable human heritage.

As plans for the next years, the Marine Science Station will be obtaining its laboratories the creditability ISO 17025 certificate, which will enable its laboratories to meet the international quality standards.

The MSS has scientific cooperation with several international research centers and has signed memorandums of understanding with a number of ,international research centers, such as the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research in Bremen / Germany, the Mote Laboratories in Florida / USA and Senkenberg Museum in Frankfurt /Germany.

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