About Bethlehem

About Bethlehem : The full description about the ancient city of Bethlehem, hints and tips with travel guide to visit and to hang around

bethlehem sights cave-of-st-jerome
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mar saba
The greatest of the ancient monasteries dotting the wilderness of the Judaean Desert, Mar Saba hangs dramatically down the cliff edge of a deep ravine. The grey-domed Greek Orthodox complex was established in the 5th century by St Sabas (Mar Saba in Arabic), a monk from central Turkey, and was largely rebuilt following a major...
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king david's wells
king david’s wells A few streets from the Church of the Nativity, near the Catholic Action Center, are King David’s Wells. In eastern Bethlehem, three enormous cisterns that are still in use today were discovered. King David’s troops allegedly broke past the Philistine defenses here to bring him water, but despite risking their lives to...
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In 40 BCE, after the Parthian conquest of Syria, Herod fled to Masada. On the way, at the location of Herodion, Herod clashed with Jews loyal to his enemy Antigonus, and emerged victorious. According to the Roman Jewish historian Josephus, he “built a town on that spot in commemoration of his victory, and enhanced it...
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the milk grotto
  chapel of the milk grotto of our lady   tel aviv The closed tabernacle depicts earthly Jerusalem, with the twelve Apostles and the twelve Tribes of Israel surrounding the image of Jesus on the cross, while the open shrine represents heavenly Jerusalem, which is brightly shining and flanked by a pair of olive trees...
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rachel's tomb
In Bethlehem, a city south of Jerusalem, you may find Rachel’s Tomb. For many years, it stood by a lonesome crossroads, and Rachel’s descendants would come here to express their love to her—the mother who lives in a solitary cemetery by a road to be there for her suffering children.   why is rachel’s tomb...
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the church of the nativity
The most significant landmark in Bethlehem is the Church of the Nativity, which marks the location of the nativity. Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem a little more than 2,000 years ago. Located 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Authority’s West Bank, Bethlehem is a vibrant city today. The Nativity Church is...
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