Israel to Petra Jordan tour

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Visiting Petra (Jordan) from Israel

All your questions will be answered to step back in time and discover countries with the most amazing ancient and religious histories. The highlights are plentiful, from crossing border to exploring stunning rose-red Petra and sitting under the stars in Wadi Rum.

Is it easy to go from Israel to Jordan?

Crossing between Israel and Jordan is easy for most visitors. There are three crossing points between the two countries. The Allenby/King Hussein Bridge is closest to both Amman and Jerusalem. Wadi Araba Crossing/South Border is deep in the south, linking the Red Sea resorts of Aqaba (Jordan) and Eilat (Israel). Lastly, the Sheikh Hussein/Northern Border crossing is in the Galilee area. All border crossings might take a bit of time if there are queues .

  • Eilat is an excellent place to join a tour of Petra. Most importantly, the transfer at the Arava Border Crossing is faster and cheaper than the rest! Meanwhile, the Allenby Crossing requires a pre-issued visa, so tours do not cross from there and it’s best avoided.

Israel to Petra Jordan tour

From floating in the Dead Sea to marveling at Petra’s rose-red majesty, unveil two lands, one epic adventure.

The Allenby/King Hussein Bridge

57km away from Amman, is located in the southern Jordan Valley and is open Sun–Thurs 07:30hrs – 22:00hrs, and Fri-Sat 07:30hrs – 13:00hrs.

Sheikh Hussein crossing /Northern Border

90km away from Amman. It is located in the north, close to Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee), Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 08:00hrs – 18:00hrs
Friday: 8:00 – 18:00hrs
Saturday: 08:30hrs – 18:00hrs.

Wadi Araba Crossing/South Border

located in the south, 324km away from Amman, connecting the two Red Sea resorts of Eilat and Aqaba.
Operating Hours:
Sunday–Thursday: 06:30hrs – 20:00hrs
Friday – Saturday: 0800hrs – 20:00hrs.

Borders opening hours and travel restrictions changes continuously due to many factors; So, please make sure you check out with us or with official authorities, before arrival.
Thankfully Israel and Jordan have reopened the land borders for tourists, and our Petra tours are running regularly, including the 1-day Petra tour from August 2022 !

Do I need a visa to travel from Israel to Jordan?

Those crossing the border into Jordan from Israel are required to have a visa (Read Visa to Jordan Policy). Visas can be purchased at the border if crossing at Jordan River Border Crossing, while they need to be pre-arranged for Wadi Araba Border Crossing and for Allenby Border Crossing (near Jerusalem). Anyone with a valid passport can obtain a visa at any Jordanian embassy or consulate abroad.

Each border crossing charges a fee. The price depends on which country and which crossing you are departing from.

Still, entry via the land borders is generally simple and there are transportation options to Jordan’s major tourist sites.

Is it easy to go from Israel to Jordan?

You can visit Israel and Jordan together very happily, diplomatic relations between the two nations are stable. The two countries entered into a peace treaty together in 1994. Tourists will have no such problem. As you cross between Jordan, Israel and go over to the West Bank you will probably also swap guides, so that you’ll get a local guide for each area – and be able to listen to a range of viewpoints, too. Both small group and tailor made tours run to both countries, and both will employ local guides.

It is relatively easy entering Jordan from Israel and it is a cheaper alternative to flying. Many people who are visiting Israel opt to see Jordan with a tour. If that is the case, although they will pass through a border crossing, the experience tends to be a bit smoother with no need to coordinate transport since it is already taken care of. Sometimes transportation from the border can be tricky.

Israel to Petra Jordan tour

Discover the timeless treasures from Israel to Petra, Jordan. Let history’s whispers guide you through a journey of wonder and awe. Join us as we traverse borders, immersing in the vibrant tapestry of the Middle East’s cultural legacy.

Feel reassured

Israel and Jordan are both perfectly safe to visit when done properly – and Jordan is one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Go with a holiday company that employs local guides who are up to date with the latest travel advice. Crossing the border between Jordan and Israel is simple, though there may be some queues.

Don't Miss the hummus

In both Jordan and Israel you’ll find a new appreciation for this chickpea classic, whether it’s served rough and ready with half a raw onion and some bread in Israel’s hummus bars or as the base of a delicious Jordanian breakfast with fuul (creamy mashed fava beans) and a stack of flatbread.

local culture

You’ll be welcomed into people’s homes on tours of Israel and Jordan. You could wind up staying in a kibbutz (a collective community way of living, unique to Israel) on the West Bank, dining in the community hall. You could make your bed in a communal goat hair tent with a Bedouin tribe in Wadi Rum. A visit to Israel and Jordan is as much about the people as it is about history, or archaeology.

January is the coolest month in both Jordan and Israel, with an average daily high in the low teens. But it’s the night time temperatures that you need to note if you’re heading to Wadi Rum on a desert camp. Take warm clothes as the mercury can drop below zero degrees centigrade.

What is the best time visiting Israel & Jordan?

Tours of Israel and Jordan are popular in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. Jordan’s deserts can reach tarmac-melting temperatures in summer, yet be below freezing in winter, so milder months like May and October are your best bets to visit. In spring, north Israel displays its diverse flora, and wildflowers carpet the hillsides.

By summer, the temperature in the low-lying areas of both countries gets really hot – the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and Wadi Rum can see heat in the 40°Cs. Whenever you go, check the calendar: Israel’s social diary is crammed with various religious festivals all year round, which can take the city crowds to whole new levels.

How to get from Eilat (Israel) to Aqaba (Jordan)?

The Yitzhak Rabin Border Crossing is located between Eilat and the Jordanian city of Aqaba.
It is also called the Wadi Arava Crossing and is used frequently by travelers taking tours from Eilat to Aqaba, Petra & Wadi Rum.

The border is currently closed on Fridays and Saturdays. It is closed on Yom Kippur and the first day of the Muslim New Year. If crossing into Jordan, travelers are also required to pay a fee of 105 NIS. If crossing the opposite way, Jordan’s fee is 10 JD. Please note border crossing time may change due to several regulations, You need to conatct us in prior to obtain accurate information.

  • Travelers are able to pass by foot, bus, or private car. It is worth noting that passengers are not permitted to pass in rental cars, motorcycles or bicycles.
  • Traveling from Israel to Jordan in an organized group tour can make the border crossing experience much easier.
  • Tours offer all transportation, guiding and border assistance when crossing. When booking a group tour, a visa will be pre-arranged in advance making the border crossing easier and quicker.

Can i pass the border by my self ?

You can’t Pass by your own; You should contact a travel agency as they should prepare all necessary document for your passing and they will be holding responsibility for your stay and maximize your comfort.

Is Eilat Aqaba border open nowadays ?

The Aqaba, or Yitzhak Rabin Border / Arava Border Crossing is located between Eilat and the Jordanian city of Aqaba. The Eilat Aqaba Border Crossing is open (starting from 01.08.2022)  from Sunday to Thursday between 06:30 and 20:00. On Fridays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 20:00. It is closed on Yom Kippur and the first day of the Muslim New Year.

Do I need a visa for Aqaba?

If arriving in Aqaba, your visa to Jordan will be free, thanks to the special economic zone designated for the Aqaba area (ASEZA).
If you leave again through Aqaba’s borders, your exit will also be free; however, you’ll be charged for your visa if you :
1- Leave the same day of arrival.
2 -Leave through a different border.

Israel to Petra Jordan tour

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