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The view of the city is the history of the world; it is more, it is the history of earth and of heaven

The City

The world’s center for religion and history is AL QUDS. A bizarre, bustling jerusalem that is sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians—more than one-third of the world’s population—is known as Jerusalem. It is as special as she is one-of-a-kind. Beyond her religious and historical importance, It is the Israeli new jerusalem and a modern, vibrant city. To truly believe in it , one must visit it. It is a terrific destination to explore on your own, but if this is your first trip here, a tour is absolutely necessary. With so much to see and learn, having a knowledgeable guide at your side is essential and well worth the money or map jerusalem .

Different names

This name itself give an idea of universality and peace reaching beyond nationalisms, racial disputes, religious faiths and political barriers.

Alquds has always been the crossways between different races and worlds. centered in only around 100ft are Al-Aqsa Mosque, Holy Sepulcher, and Wailing Wall the important sacred sites of the three principal monotheistic religions.

Muslims and Christians call al-quds and Baytel Maqdis, the Holy One. The Jews call it Yerushalayim, which mean  the City of Peace. The  old city of jerusalem is divided into four quarters; the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, the Jewish Quarter and the Armenian Quarter. During your visit here, you will be awed by a sense of history and spiritual significance. Yes, al-quds is a city with a special design; its effect on visitors is unique and eternal.

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The historic and religious components that make it’s Old City so unique are everywhere. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all center on the one square kilometer walled area. The final wall of the Jewish Temple complex is located in the Jewish Quarter and is known as the Western Wall.

It is also the holiest location in Judaism. Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised in it. Multiple faiths share the Church of the Sepulchre in the Old City. According to Islam, Muhammad is claimed to have ascended into the skies from it. This jerusalem ranks third among Muslim holy cities due to the Dome of the Rock.

The Old City  jerusalem is divided into four sections: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian. Each stands in stark contrast to the other, but the way the inhabitants of this peculiar town rush around going about their daily business somehow remains consistent. The Ramparts Walk provides a fantastic vantage point of the Old City.

6 Interesting Facts about AL QUDS

  • It is a holy site for the Abrahamic faiths
  • It has been captured many times
  • It has more than 2,000 active archaeological sites
  • It is a fully walled city. The walls around the jerusalem are roughly 2.5 miles long, 40 feet tall, and 8 feet thick. 
  • The Western Wall is in al quds  over 2,000 years old, the Western Wall is a limestone wall.
  • One of the world’s oldest graveyards is there


Church of the holy sepulcher
A Holy City For Three Religions
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It is not entirely old, though. Palestine’s capital in contemporary times is located in West the site, which has all the functions a modern capital city should have. It has developed into a renowned cultural hub, while not being as liberal as her younger, more laid-back sister, Tel Aviv (only 45 minutes by car).

It is home to some excellent dining establishments. The German Colony and Emek Refaim Street are two of our favorite places to hang out. It’s a small haven of liberalism and modernism in the midst of this traditionally conservative metropolis. Similar to other contemporary cities, It has the businesses and institutions you might anticipate.


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The Wailing Wall – The Kotel

Without visiting the Kotel, no trip is complete. You may reach this revered location by taking a short stroll through the Old City. It is said to be the holiest destination for Jews. As tourists have done for years, be sure to make a wish or write a personal note on a scrap of paper and slice it in the wall fissures. The Old City remarkable historical past revolves around the Kotel.

The Western Wall, which serves as the Temple Mount’s western support wall, was constructed some 2,000 years ago, at the conclusion of the Second Temple era. Near the close of the Second Temple era, King Herod undertook renovations to the Temple Mount, upon which the First and Second Temples were erected.

Its perimeter was increased, and four support walls encircled the magnificently restored Temple in its center. The Western Wall is 488 meters long in its entirety. A portion of the Western Wall is visible in the Prayer Plaza and to its south, but the most of it is hidden by the houses that have been constructed next to it throughout time.

Yad Vashem – World Holocaust Remembrance Center

The 45-acre property of Yad Vashem is home to both indoor and outdoor museums, exhibitions, memorial sites, gardens, sculptures, and top-notch research and teaching facilities, all of which are dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust. The empty cavern has a solitary candle that is mirrored by a number of mirrors in memory of the 1.5 million children who died.

Dome of the Rock

One of the first representations of Islamic architecture is The Dome of the Rock, which was constructed in 691 CE. This location is regarded as one of the most identifiable monuments and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Mohammed is claimed to have entered paradise through this shrine, a marvel of Islamic construction. A stroll through the historic passageways will take you to this unique landmark, which is situated on the outskirts of the Old City.

Tower of David (Citadel)

Permanent displays use specialized cultural activities, events, and tours to present the story of Al Quds. The exhibition “The Kaiser is Coming!” with historical information on Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany in 1898, is on view throughout the springtime.

Today’s citadel was built during the Mamluk and Ottoman eras. It replaced a number of older defenses from the Hasmonean, Herodian, Byzantine, and Early Muslim eras that had been repeatedly demolished by the Muslim opponents of the Crusaders during their final decades of existence in the Holy Land. It is a well-liked location for charity events, artisan fairs, concerts, and sound-and-light plays and contains significant archaeological artifacts going back more than 2,500 years, including a quarry from the First Temple era.


Incredibly diverse museums may be found in It . Yad Vashem is maybe the most significant of these. This is memorial to the millions of Holocaust victims atop the stunning Mount Herzl. The Holocaust is chronicled in the amazing museum. It employs language, eerie architecture, and stirring multimedia presentations. Yad Vashem isn’t enjoyable, yet everyone should go there.

The Israel Museum is located within a short distance from Yad Vashem. It has a wide range of artistic, historical, archaeological, and cultural exhibits. The renowned Dead Sea Scrolls are included in this. the favorite place for kids is the Biblical Zoo, which is really top tourist destination and has a wide variety of animals. It also includes several more widely known favorites!


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