Port of Aqaba

Owned by Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC), the port of Aqaba is the only port in Jordan. It has 12 terminals that are run by five different companies: the Aqaba Company for Port Management and Operation, Aqaba Container Terminal, Industrial Port Company, Phosphate Company, National Electricity Power Company, and the Pilotage run by Aqaba Port Marine Services Company.


Since the Iron Age, Aqaba has served as an important port. The location is mentioned in the Bible in (1 Kings 9:26), where it states that “King Solomon also built ships in Ezion-Geber, which is near Eloth in Edom, on the shores of the Red Sea,” where Eloth is a port near the city of Aqaba. After the Ottomans constructed the Hejaz railway, which links the port to Damascus and Medina, port of aqaba gained significant importance. Today, Aqaba’s economy is mostly centered on the port industry.


Due to a deeper water level there, the port was moved from the city’s center to the south in 2006. Another move is planned, which would situate the port close to the southernmost point of the province and the border with Saudi Arabia. Its capacity will be more than the port’s present capacity. The undertaking will cost $5 billion and be finished in 2014.

Aqaba container terminal

The port is home to the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the only container port in Jordan and the second-busiest port by container tonnage on the Red Sea. The ACT is a center for logistics and a significant contributor to the Jordanian economy. It serves as the main entrance to the Jordanian market and a key transit hub for goods going between the region’s nations.

Aqaba Development Corporation and APM Terminals have a 25-year build-operate-transfer agreement that governs their joint venture, The ACT. The current quay was extended by 460 meters (1,510 feet) as part of a terminal extension project that was finished in October 2013. This resulted in a total quay length of one kilometer (0.62-mile), raising the yearly container throughput capacity to 1.3 million TEUs. Four rubber-tired gantry cranes and two new ship-to-shore cranes with a 22 container row reach have been delivered as part of the expansion program, which was started in 2009.

On behalf of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) purchased and assumed control of the terminal’s administration and operation in 2004. ADC and ACT signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) for a period of 25 years in 2006. APM Terminals Jordan is in charge of running, overseeing, and promoting ACT under the terms of this agreement.

New Phosphate Port

The Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. built the New Phosphate Port on the southern coast of Aqaba in accordance with the terms of the agreement it entered into with the Aqaba Development Corp., which calls for developing, designing, financing, building, operating, and managing the New Phosphate Port for 30 years through the BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer property) method of investment.

The new port 

The collaboration between the UAE-based AD Ports Group and the Jordanian government’s Aqaba Development Corporation resulted in the construction of the new terminal at AQABA PORT. As a result, the port is a key component in UAE-Kingdom of Jordan collaboration.

The terminal was built by AD Ports Group, who will also be in charge of maintaining and running it going forward. The terminal is situated at the northernmost point of the Gulf of Aqaba in the southern region of the Kingdom of Jordan. The new port of Aqaba will help the local economy by serving as a gateway for travelers heading to the Red Sea.

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