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Sarona Market, the newest culinary center in Tel Aviv, competes with the new crop of food markets that have sprung up throughout the globe, including Borough Market in London, Chelsea Market in New York City, and La Boqueria in Barcelona. It is all about “culinary excellence” and is home to about 100 businesses, from local producers of spices, cheeses, meats, and other goods to imported delicacies and specialties from around the world.

This is a stark contrast to Tel Aviv’s traditional food markets, such as the Carmel or Levinsky Markets. Around 40 restaurants can be found at the Market, including new ideas from some of  most well-known chefs and first locations for well-known international franchises like Fauchon Paris.


The Sarona complex, the city’s restored German Templar Colony, and Rothschild Boulevard are all within walking distance of the Market, which is situated on the eastern edge of Tel Aviv in what is planned to be the city’s new “central business district”. It is also borders the Sarona complex. The complex was built as part of the development of a new neighborhood in Tel Aviv, at a location that was formerly home to an industrial sector and a military post. The  Market launched in 2015 and immediately established itself as one of the city’s most alluring culinary attractions, following the global trend of food markets.


Over 100 businesses, including 40 restaurants and tens of fine food stalls, can be found in the Market. These range from new locations of well-known chains like Hummus Abu Hassan (from Jaffa) or the Basher Fromagerie (from Jerusalem), to concepts created by experienced chefs . There are meals available at the shops that can satisfy practically all gourmet cravings.

Even on Shabbat, the  Market is open every day. From Sunday through Thursday, from 08:00–23:00, 08:00–18:00 on Friday, and 09:00–23:00 on Saturday. From the HaShalom Station or the northern end of Rothschild Boulevard, the market is a 10 or five minute walk away.

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