In Arabic Areha , It’s the town located in the West Bank. It’s  one of the earliest continuous settlements in the whole world, dating perhaps from about 9000 BCE. Archaeological excavations have demonstrated with lengthy history. The city’s site has great archaeological and it’s important ; it provides evidence of the first development of permanent settlements and thus of the first steps toward civilization.


Jericho, also known as Ar in Arabic, is a West Bank settlement. One of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, Jericho may have existed as early as 9000 BC. Jericho’s long history has been revealed via archaeological digs. The city’s archaeological site is very significant because it shows how early permanent communities developed and how early civilisation began. Traces of Mesolithic hunters’ trips, carbon-dated to around 9000 BC, as well as a protracted period of habitation by their descendants, have been discovered. By circa 8000 BC, the population had developed into a well-organized group that was able to erect a sizable stone wall to surround the town, which was at least once fortified by a sizable stone tower.

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Attractions in Jericho

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The important places in the ancient city

  •  Tell es-Sultan (ancient Site).
  • Shalom al Yisrael Synagogue Mosaic Floor 
  • Hisham’s Palace
  • Sycamore Tree of Jericho
  • Quruntal
  • Jesus’ Baptismal site
  • Wadi Qelt Synagogue
  • Herod’s Palace (ruins)
  •  Naaran Synagogue
  • Monastery of Gerasimus of the Jordan

What To Do

  • Participate with visiting archaeologists in the many archaeological digs taking place in the site.
  • Also, It is known to the local population as an area surrounded by beautiful views. There are numerous hiking trails that have great views of the oases around the site . Make sure to bring lots of water cans , It’s known to the locals for its hot weather.
  • Go for a camel ride in the desert. Ask the Bedouins walking around with decorated camels. have so much fun! Make sure to agree on a price before hand.
  • Cable Car (Right next to Tell es-Sultan). Jericho Cable Car Company for getting to Mount Temptation Monastery instead of hiking.   trip of about 1.35 km.
  • Kalya BeachThis beach on the Dead Sea is managed by the nearby Israeli settlement of Kalya. They usually allow Palestinians to use the beach as well. (Shared) car taxis can organize from there.
  • Banana Land Amusement Park  Spend the day having fun at the park.

What to buy ?

There are Bedouins selling a variety of goods and items in the site, but the prices for them are expensive more than other places. Food, however, is cheaper there.

what to eat ?

Near the main central  Square, there are many places for fast food, especially in the direction of the Sycamore Tree or Hisham’s Palace.

It is better a visit to Qurantal mountain where Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights before the devil’s temptation to him, where you will find a very great restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. The buffet is agreeable and costs around $15 per head for lunch. Ask to sit outside for an incredible panoramic view. You will have your lunch in front of an nice panoramic birds eye view of the city, the mountains of Jordan and the Dead Sea. You can reach this restaurant by using the Cable Car .

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Was Jericho the “oldest city in the world”?

Tell es-Sultan was first settled around 10,500 B.C.E., making it one of the earliest Neolithic areas in the Fertile Crescent and one of the oldest continuously occupied areas in the history of humankind.

In the early Neolithic period, It grew from a rural village of farmers, so that by the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period (8500–6000 B.C.E.) it was a large, organized settlement of approximately 2.5 hectares in size and fortified by a wall and an 8-meter-high stone tower.

Scholars have posited various theories to explain the function of the city wall—the earliest in the Near East—and tower; but whatever the intent of these impressive structures, they bear witness to the organization and mobilization of a large community.


Weather and Climate in jericho

The height of Jericho affects its moderate climate, which has pleasant, sunny summers and mild, dry winters (with chilly nights) (during which thunderstorms often break out).


Summers are long, lasting from May to September, with July and August being the hottest months. Temperatures range between 23-36° C (75-96° F) and you can expect 50-90% humidity.  The good news is that there is air-conditioning almost everywhere you go, from buses and taxis to malls and hotels. However, it is really important to prepare for these temperatures, especially when spending time outdoors. Buy good sun protection, wear long but cool clothes and make sure to drink plenty of water.


Autumn is, for the most part, a continuation of the summer weather. It does get a little cooler and the humidity drops, so it is more comfortable.  The season starts in September and at the end of November it starts getting cooler and we might see a little rain, but not too much.  September is usually as warm as summer, but the temperatures in autumn are similar to those of spring and range between 16-24° C (60-75° F).


Depending where you come from you might not even consider the city weather “real winter weather”.  This is the wettest time of the year and temperatures range between 6-15° C (42-60° F). Israeli schools have a winter break for Channukah during December, this usually doesn’t affect accommodation but activities tend to get crowded. Also, tourists from nearby countries use their winter breaks to enjoy the warmer temperatures in this city.


Spring is between March and May and this is the ideal time to visit this city. You usually won’t see much rain and the temperatures are mild, ranging between 16-24° C (60-75° F), although the nights might still be chilly. Passover falls in April so if you are planning on visiting during this time keep in mind that prices of flights and accommodation will rise and tend to get booked early.