There are over thirty main diving sites in Aqaba, most of them suitable for all levels of competence. Aqaba is all fringing reef stretching for a distance of over 25kms right down to the Saudi Arabian border, there are no off-shore reefs. The reef starts literally at the waters edge and extends like the fingers of your hands into canyons leading to pinnacles and drop offs. At most sites, when you are only 100m from the shore you are already descending to 50m or more. When shore diving, the dive starts as soon as you enter the water and continues until the last few centimetres.

The beaches are all easily accessible and the transport used can drive right up to the waters edge. By road, the furthest reef (the “Saudi Border” reef) is about 25 minutes from the town of Aqaba.Diving sites In Aqaba

Underwater photographers will be pleased to hear that Nitrox is available in Aqaba.
If you bring your own diving suit, then in the winter months a 5-6mm suit is OK, in summer a 3mm shorty is fine, but it is always better to be warmer when in the water, especially if you are good on air or an avid underwater photographer, scarcely moving from one pinnacle.
Diving goes on all the year round, with different species to be seen in the different seasons. In June /July there are whale sharks, in February one can often see Mantas. A northerly wind blows down Wadi Araba all the year, which in the summer is a cooling breeze, but in winter it can be a bit chilly. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Aqaba diving


Is Aqaba good for diving?

Aqaba has year round warm water and great visibility. With its wide variations of dive sites it is a great place for first timer’s right up to experienced technical enthusiasts.

How is diving in Aqaba?

Easy Red Sea shore diving from the beach. Calm waters with few tides, waves, or currents. Water temperature is moderate all year, and visibility exceeds 20 meters.

How deep is the tank in Aqaba?

5 – 12 meters
The Tank and Seven Sisters (5 – 12 meters / 20 – 40 feet) The Tank is a great dive site for scuba divers and snorkelers as it is only 5 meters below sea level and is easily reached from shore or boat.

How good is the snorkeling in Aqaba?

Snorkeling in Aqaba enables you to swim gently and safely in the warm, crystal-clear water. While floating at the water surface, you will fully enjoy the colorful marine life. Snorkeling in Aqaba allows you to figure The most fantastic fish look at you and you’ll see the most beautiful corals in the world!

Can you dive in Aqaba in December?

Though Aqaba is a year-round diving destination, September and October are the best months for scuba diving.

Where is the underwater Military Museum?

The dive site is located just off the coast of Aqaba, South Beach in the Red Sea in an area popular with divers. The museum objects are decommissioned vehicles donated by the Royal Jordanian Army. The museum is currently made up of 21 military relics and expected to grow as more equipment becomes available.

Where is the Red Sea in Jordan?

In Jordan, there are 27 kilometres of coastline found along the Red Sea. The Red Sea is off the coast of East Africa and the Saudi Arabian peninsula.

Dive sites in Aqaba

  • Fantastic Aqaba Scuba Diving - Power Station Dive Site-Aqaba Jordan - Wonders Travel and Tourism

    Power Station

  • First Bay North Jordan - Aqaba

    First Bay North

  • First Bay South – aqaba - Jordan

    First Bay South

  • Ras Al Yamanya-Aqaba or Eel Garden

    Eel Garden

  • Underwater Military Museum-Aqaba

    Military Museum

  • King Abdullah Reef

    King Abdullah Reef

  • Black Rock-Aqaba

    Black Rock

  • Cable Reef-Aqaba

    Cable Reef

  • Rainbow Reef-Aqaba

    Rainbow Reef

  • Cedar Pride Shipwreck-Aqaba

    Cedar Pride

  • Japanese Gardens reef-Aqaba

    Japanese Gardens

  • Gorgon 1 dive site-Aqaba

    Gorgon 1

  • Gorgon 2 dive site-Aqaba

    Gorgon II

  • Seven_Sisters_dive_site-Aqaba

    Seven Sisters

  • Wreck-Tank_dive_site-Aqaba-jordan

    The Tank

  • Superb Aqaba Scuba Diving - New Canyon dive site-Aqaba - Wonders Travel and Tourism

    New Canyon

  • C-130 Hercules dive site-Aqaba

    C-130 Hercules

This Eastern side of the Gulf of Aqaba is teeming with marine life thanks to the cool, rich up-welling waters from the depths. The coral is healthy and vast, and slowly improving each year since the opening of the Marine Park.

Not a lot in the way of ‘big fish’, occasionally we get Eagle Rays, Sting rays, Hawksbill turtles, and in the late spring 1 or 2 whale sharks following the plankton bloom. Aqaba is best for it’s fantastic macro – shrimps, nudibranchs, pipefish, frogfish etc – A photographer’s paradise.

As the gulf is so narrow and so deep there are no ‘off-shore’ reefs. All the sites accessible from the boat are also possible form the shore, with a few exceptions due to recent development in the area.

Most dive centers in Aqaba offer shore based diving, and boat diving on request. But there are a few that do only boat diving. As all dive sites are in the Marine Park you will always dive with a registered Marine Park Guide.

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